The Awakening – Community Poetry Project

The Awakening  (A tribute to Cecil the lion)

A noble soul departs this world,
Its spirit free, with wings unfurled.
Soars up on high to heaven above,
There bathed in joy and endless love.

And from that place, the scene below
Of blood and severed head on show,
Makes Angels weep and turn away
`Til all is judged on Judgement Day.

What sickened mind, for recreation
Delights in slaying God`s creation?
And kills not for defense or food
But to satisfy a selfish mood.

His fake regrets with measured guile,
As inauthentic as his smile.
The Universal Law called Karma
Now sets its sights on Walter Palmer.

And so the hunter becomes the prey,
His hateful arrows gone astray.
His ego pierced, a wretched disgrace,
He made the world a darker place

Such heartless people fail to see,
That life is precious to you and me.
And he who takes our lives away
Shall have a heavy price to pay.

Your passing Cecil was not in vain,
The World unites in grief and pain.
You`ve woken up the Human Race,
You`ve held a mirror to our face.

So Death should hold no fear for thee.
To Heaven`s door you have the key.
No fear, no pain, reborn anew.
Farewell dear Cecil – may God bless you.

5 thoughts on “The Awakening – Community Poetry Project

  1. WORLD HERITAGE SPECIES for Lions. A wonderful intiative. Plese help me spread the news. CECIL’s CALL FOR UNESCO’S “WORLD HERITAGE SPECIES”
    Imagine the world with no more lions – a world where they are just a memory. It is hard to imagine, but this is the direction we are heading. The number of lions in the world has declined so dramatically that they are at a critical point of survival. Immediate action is required. And the involvement of the world’s governing body is now a necessity!
    Please join this petition that calls on the United Nations to establish a WORLD HERITAGE SPECIES program and to list the lion as its first title holder.…
    I am happy to report that Mr. Brent Stapelkamp has given his support to the WORLD HERITAGE SPECIES initiative. As many know, Mr. Stapelkamp is a lion researcher from the Oxford University Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Hwange, Zimbabwe, Cecil the Lion’s home. Mr. Stapelkamp had “lived with” and researched Cecil for close to a decade. He was the last person who had contact with living Cecil as it was Mr. Stapelkamp himself who collared Cecil for the last time in October of last year. Mr. Stapelkamp is also the person who alerted authorities that something is amiss after he noticed that Cecil’s GPS collar stopped sending signals that dark day when Cecil’s murder was discovered. Featured in various interviews following Cecil’s death, and most notably in the ABC’s 20/20 “The Hunter and the Hunted”, Mr. Stapelkamp’s passion and dedication to lions is unsurpassed.
    This is the link to his FB page where you can see the petition:
    The concept of WORLD HERITAGE SPECIES is not new. It has been discussed in various contexts for the past decade or so, but as an actual UN program it has not been established yet. In terms of the lion, was and continues to be an advocate of the premise. This petition merely picks up – or better yet joins – these other fine efforts.
    The purpose is simple – let’s let UN/UNESCO know that the interest in the
    WORLD HERITAGE SPECIES program is not limited to wildlife organizations and animal advocacy groups; it is a global call from the people of the world in general. We the citizens of this planet are concerned about the present state of our wildlife. We the citizens CARE. The time to act is NOW. Lets turn WORLD HERITAGE SPECIES from an idea into reality!


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