Father Who Taught His Nine Year Old Boy To Kill A Bear On His Birthday Has No Remorse

The father in the viral video of the nine year old boy who shot the bear on his birthday had an interview with news agencies explaining his actions. In the interview, the father has mentioned no remorse for taking the life of the bear claiming that hunting has been a part of their family for years and accuses the social media for being quick to judge.

The family owns a hunting outfitter business in Northern Alberta



6 thoughts on “Father Who Taught His Nine Year Old Boy To Kill A Bear On His Birthday Has No Remorse

  1. No, of course he doesn’t – he is an animal killer and they just do not have a heart, care or respect for life.
    -:( The tragic thing about it is that there are thousands more just like him !! And they’re breeding !

    God help our wildlife.

    I always wanted to take my husband home to Canada to see how beautiful the wild’s are there … I think that case put an end to that.


  2. Oh and I wrote: RE: http://www.newstalk770.com/2015/09/15/the-real-story-behind-the-video/#.VfqEb1rBTsc.twitter

    From: Mary Alice
    Date: Thursday, 17 September 2015 10:13
    To: angela.kokott@corusent.com
    Subject: Baiting and killing bears by a 9 year old does not deserve social shaming ?! Hum I think it does Angela

    Where on earth is our planet going – I am so sickened by this, so ashamed that our Canada allows the baiting and killing of animals by CHILDREN … children who back in my youth, didn’t even know what holding a real gun was like.

    These kids act as if it is playing a computer game, that the life they are taking is not real ! They are growing up no thanks to their parents, to be disrespectful, and cold hearted when it comes to killing and then when we hear about kids killing kids we ask, where did it all go wrong ?! It went wrong LIKE THIS !

    Pity there is no space for comments on the article, you would be hearing bear roars from all over the world.

    ‘No matter what your views are on hunting this family doesn’t deserve the social shaming.’

    Oh yes they do – they brought it on themselves by bragging about BAITING & KILLING a YOUNG BEAR by a CHILD !

    That Angela is NOT HUNTING. It has nothing to do with the meaning or the morals of the name.
    And it was a young bear too. So wrong !

    Oh yes they do ! That boy’s smile says it all !
    Shame on them.

    Children learn from what they see. We need to set an example of truth and action. – Howard Rainer, Taos Pueblo-Creel (2012)

    Mary Alice Pollard


  3. This father does not deserve to be a parent. This makes me sick. How could anyone teach this horrifying lack of respect to a child. These people should all be publicly shamed.


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