Why We Should not Believe in Palmer’s Statments

Guest submission by Peter:

In 2008, WALTER PALMER was illegally convicted of killing a Black Bear in Wisconsin. PALMER lied about the county and location of his MURDER… Yes, it was Murder. In an attempt to cover up his tracks and crime, PALMER offered a bribe to the other members of his hunting party, to buy their silence with a $20,000 bribe offer, they did not accept Palmer’s bribe offer. The fact that PALMER has MURDERED CECIL OR MORE INNOCENT , DEFENCELESS AND VOICELESS ANIMALS, does not surprise me. YOU SEE, PALMER has a thirst for Animal blood as well as covering up his crimes. History tells us, he is a repeat offender, just like his hunting guide, THEO BRONKHURST , who was arrested again today, this time for smuggling. PALMER is a serial ANIMAL KILLER, and the only way he will ever be stopped is by extradition him back to ZIMBABWE to face justice. PALMER continues to blame the hunting guide, BRONKHURST ( he never accepts any RESPONSIBILITY )…. Despite the fact that the tracker clearly traced the failed attempted coverup and lies by PALMER and BRONKHURST. BOTH ARE GUILTY… One faces trial on September 18 2015, while the other hides and avoids culpability in a Dental office, blaming others for his SADISTIC AND RECKLESS ACTIONS TOWARD CECIL. by Peter Dale….


8 thoughts on “Why We Should not Believe in Palmer’s Statments

    • Walter Palmers is a murderer. Have him excorted back to zimbabwe to get justice there for Cecil. He is wrong for killing Cecil that why he’s always hiding. He know he is wrong..


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