BREAKING: Hunter of Cecil the Lion RELEASED By Zim Police And Smuggling Charges Dropped


The hunter of Cecil the Lion, Theo Bronkhorst, was released by Zim police as they dropped his smuggling charges he was accused of after his capture earlier this week.

Citing from the state media, the sable antelope smuggling charges had been withdrawn “for lack of evidence”. which is rather ridiculous as he was clearly caught smuggling 29 animals and trophies to poachers and canned farm operators. The charges against him for the possession of trophies still remains but it is uncertain where the court trial may go as Bronkhorst’s states that Bronkhorst  denies ownership of the trophies and defers the charge to his two co-conspirators who were caught with him.  The court has allowed him to bail out with $100.

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It is speculated that the charges were dropped because the First Lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe, had made a statement earlier this week about letting the poachers go. Bribery is also another possibility.

Charges against him for preventing an illegal hunt of Cecil the Lion still remains on him as he is scheduled for trial on Sept 28th

With a justice system that corrupted, animal lovers around the world must unite and work together and lobby our government to put pressure on the corrupted Zim government and deliver fair Justice for Cecil.

Here are a few things you can do:

1- Spread the word
People need to hear that the trophy hunters are getting away. the more people we inform, the more we can do to pressure the Zim government to listen to us and do the right thing.

2- Join a protest-
Cecil’s Pride is proud to support anti-trophy hunting protests as well as rallies for Cecil. Check out our events page to know when our next protest is taking place.

3- Write or phone the Zim Embassy
Address: 1608 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States
Phone:+1 202-332-7100

Join cecils tribe Today

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13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Hunter of Cecil the Lion RELEASED By Zim Police And Smuggling Charges Dropped

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  2. How clear it now is that the country involved is totally corrupt from top to bottom..The animals will never survive. I regard it as HELL…and will never visit or support its human inhabitants in any way.Evil lives there.


  3. The US Government could charge Dr. Palmer and he could be extradited to Zimbabwe under an International treaty between US and Zimbabwe. The US Fish and Wildlife haven’t bothered to charge him-it seems the corruption and bribery exists on both sides. I think if they seize Palmer’s computer or look at his internet usage they will find that he chose Cecil for a Trophy prior to his immoral hunt,

    A hunt that involved killing another animal for bait, waiting at night for Cecil to come, blinding him with a spotlight and shooting him when he freezes in the blinding light. Next you retreat for cocktails and pick up the chase in the morning from the comfy seat of a Range Rover-run him down and get you Trophy-leave everything else to rot.
    Pretty classy Palmer.

    Palmer is a classless Caveman-launch a civil suit against him for class action damages

    Kevin Davidson


    • there is a WH petition circulating to oust Daniel Ashe director of USFWS who has the power to charge Palmer. he is cozy with the Safari Club and is also an avid hunter. you can find the petition on the Justice4Cecil facebook page.


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