Hunter of Cecil the Lion (Theo Bronkhorst) Allegedly “Abducted” After Release Last Week


ZIMBABWE- The hunter of Cecil the Lion hired by Walter Palmer, Theo Bronkhorst, is in trouble for the THIRD TIME in the last few months as the South African News site ENCA has reported that Bronkhorst has been “allegedly abducted” last week. Upon further digging through the news, we found out that the authorities came to his place Monday night to detain him for further questioning and putting new charges on him in regards to the smuggling operation he was involved in last week with a few other smugglers.

theo bronkhorst jailed news

Bronkhorst was caught with over two dozen Antelopes last week and claimed that the animals were the other smugglers excluding himself from the charges and being released shortly after arrest but he received new charges this week as authorities arrived at his place to arrest him once more to charge him with “conspiracy to smuggle” as the people he was travelling with are receiving charges.

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There is definitely hope in the corrupt nation of Zimbabwe as we speculate there are judges that do seek the fair punishment for the Bronkhorst despite the previous judge releasing him.

Bronkhorst will be facing his trial September 28 for charges on preventing an illegal hunt of Cecil the Lion.

Let’s hope he doesn’t get out this time.

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6 thoughts on “Hunter of Cecil the Lion (Theo Bronkhorst) Allegedly “Abducted” After Release Last Week

  1. Mr Theo Btonkhortst: Not only he is a disgrace to the hunting community, he also has no pride in his profession and shows no respect to Zim laws. Money seems the only thing that drives this man. No morality.
    Please Zimbabwe: Punish this man to the full extent. If not, it may cost you a lot of tourism income, both hunting and Photogrsphic. The man deserves it. No question about it!


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  3. Has the High court made a decision whether
    bronkhorst will stand trial? I believe it was expected 1-29-16.
    Thank you for any information.


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