Walter Palmer’s Extradition

I don’t believe Walter Palmer will be extradited for the slaughter of Cecil. President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has committed atrocities against humanity and has promoted the hunting of Zimbabwean wildlife since he first rose to power nearly 30 years ago.

Mugabe was responsible for the genocide of approximately 20,000 Africans when he first came into power in what he referred to as, “Ethnic Cleansing.” Mugabe is a murderer in the true sense of the word. Mugabe is responsible for rising unemployment and an inflation rate of 1200%. An estimated 4 million Zimbabweans now live in exile and figures from the United Nations suggest, three-quarters of the population suffer from malnutrition in a country that had once fed much of South Africa.

Calls for Mugabe to step down resulted in increased acts of torture, forced removal, political murder and rigged elections.

Mugabe is also a racist and has been quoted around the globe for his racist comments.

They include such statements as;
“White people should all return to England” and vowed to Zimbabweans, “Whites will never return to the farm lands they were evicted from.”
“White people will no longer be allowed to own land in Zimbabwe.”

Mugabe called on the Zulu, who were fighting with the African immigrant community, to attack white people instead.

Mugabe and his wife have both publicly stated, they blame the Zimbabwean people for Cecil’s death by failing to protect their natural resources. Grace Mugabe has also stated, “she does not like the hypocrisy practiced by Whites.”

Grace Mugabe quotes from article; (Link below)
“The dentist who killed the lion must be left alone but the skulls of our ancestors must come back.”
“I don’t want to hear demonstrations of Americans over the death of Cecil the lion but instead they must demonstrate against the sanctions imposed on the people not against the dentist who knew nothing.”

Not only has Mugabe murdered, oppressed and terrorized the African people for nearly 30 years, he has promoted the hunting and extinction of wildlife during this reign of terror.

Mugabe had served a zoo for his 91st birthday party that included, impalas and baby elephants.

Mugabe promotes hunting in Zimbabwe for his personal wealth. He loathes White people but loves the money White hunters must pay to hunt in Zimbabwe.

It’s important to remember, as far as Mugabe is concerned, Palmer did not commit a crime. We are dealing with a tyrant who has committed genocide, oppresses his people, promotes hunting, and two different sets of laws on two different continents.

Any complaints, letters or petitions addressed to Mugabe or the Zimbabwean government are pointless, he does not care what the world thinks or what anyone wants.

If there is any chance of Walter Palmer being charged in Cecil’s slaughter, he will need to be charged in the United States.

Palmer could be charged under the Lacey Act or the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

This information clearly demonstrates the need to fight for changes at a legislative level in our own countries.…/mugabe-calls-for-anti-…/…/…/robert-mugabe-zimbabwe-cecil-the-lions/……/robert-mugabe-birthday-party-e……/walter-palmer-federal-international-zim…/…/la…/us-conservation-laws/lacey-act.html…/foreign-corrupt-practices-act


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