Protest against Bear Hunting Season Makes A Splash In Florida


Protesters gathered to speak out against the Fish and Wildlife Conservation (FWC) Commission’s decision to re-open the statewide bear hunt on the black bear which has been banned for over 20 years. Hunters with licenes are free to hunt the week of Oct. 24.

Until 2012, the black bears were listed as an endangered species in Florida and there hasn’t been an accurate count of the number of the bear population since 2002; the next count takes place 2016.

The animal lover community has responded in various ways from protests to a law suit against FWC by Speak Up Wekiva. The animal lover community has pledged to launch a social media campaign in hopes of getting the message across and stopping future bear hunts. Here are some of the pictures from the rally at Lake Eola Park.

Bear hunting opponents gathered at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, Thursday, Sept, 25, 2015. (Jeff Allen, Staff)

(Photo by Jeff Allen of Bay News 9)

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bear hunt rally2 bear hunt rally 1

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4 thoughts on “Protest against Bear Hunting Season Makes A Splash In Florida

  1. That’s exactly what we don’t need is for free black bear hunting licenses issued. We are already fighting an uphill battle, Florida is just encouraging people to participate in deviant behavior. And they are making it free! Unfortunately poor choices such this are made daily, this is exactly what we have to continue to fight against daily.


    • The license to murder a bear for a Florida resident is only $100, $300 for non-residents. Each hunter is supposedly allowed to “harvest” only one bear, but who’s going to be there to ensure that? One bear murder is too much anyway.


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