Walter Palmer’s Son In Law Attacked Animal Rights Protester And Destroyed Protest Signs


Bloominton Minnesota- A group of animal right activists were protesting outside the dance studio of Walter Palmer’s Daughter, Natalie Palmer, (also a hunter) when her husband, Paul Botes, came out and pushed one of the protesters to the ground and ripped up the sign the protester was holding. The injured activist was Amy Waz from Florida who was leading the protest to raise awareness of the action of the Palmer family to patrons.

Protesters have claimed that trophy hunting runs in the family with the wife of Walter Palmer holding a hunting license in Alaska and because of that the rest of the family who hunts needs to be exposed through protesting.

Police were called and an assault charge has been filed against Palmer’s son-in-law by the protesters. The officers said that Palmer’s son in law may get a $1000 fine and or jail time if found guilty. Below are pictures of the assault and the destroyed properties.

protesters assaulted

Protests are starting to become more dangerous as trophy hunters and their supporters are starting to take actions to fight back. It is important that animal lovers should continue to support brave protesters emotionally and maybe protest alongside

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29 thoughts on “Walter Palmer’s Son In Law Attacked Animal Rights Protester And Destroyed Protest Signs

    • glad there is picture proof!!! maybe someone will get justice over this disgusting family and the pride/pack cowARD palmer. cerceil was teaching his pride… family values morals and survival the legal way…you are teaching yours illegal..go figure with your past track record….***justice will prevail*** ceceill will not have died in vain!!! we will keep roading for ceceil and future animals of all species!!!

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  1. God! Well considering Walter Palmer abuses, butchers and murderers dozens of innocent animals and gets away with it and oh yeah sexually harassed a female employee and got away with it! It doesn’t surprise me his son-in-law beats up an innocent woman!!!! If he does this to a stranger in public, what does he do to his wife/Palmer’s daughter in private?!?!?!

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      • Mike, by “camp” she means this: the supporters of a particular party or doctrine regarded collectively.
        i.e.: “his views were firmly rooted in the conservative camp”
        synonyms: faction, wing, group, lobby, caucus, bloc, party, coterie, sect, cabal
        “the pro and anti camps”

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  2. Nice work everyone! We must keep working together to keep the pressure on. Support to Amy in her time of healing. It’s clear that the shit has rolled all the way down in this family…. such outstanding members of society.

    Put a fork in them…. they’re done. (Not to be taken literally….. I mean…. unless you’re gonna do it.” 😉


  3. Sorry you got abused by the cowards Soninlaw he needs to be thrown is jail for attacking a innocent woman press those charges and God speed to you a quick healing
    EXTRADITE Walter Palmer maybe the whole family can move to Africa because nobody wants them here In the USA

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  6. Isn’t there a “no tolerance policy” in the U.S. against assaults on women ~ this family have proven themselves to be a nasty bunch of low life cowardly scrubbers who pay people to bait our precious wildlife into the open so that they can murder them in cold blood and now they’re resorting to assaulting innocent women ~ he must answer for what he’s done by serving a jail term as should Walter the maggot ~ he should go to prison for at least 13 years ~ the amount of years that our beautiful Cecil brought pleasure to those who loved to watch him living his life comfortably with his pride ~ what about accountability you bunch of low lives ~ just because you have money doesn’t mean you can pay everyone off and make this go away ~ GUILTY ~ GUILTY AS HELL & YOU NEED TO PAY!!!

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  8. Killing For Fun (Haikus)

    “Wally’s daughter’s old – thug South African husband – attacked Amy Waz”

    “Blatant selective – enforcement; Carver County – makes all cops look bad”

    “In Carver County – if you’re friends with the Sheriff – you can hit women”

    “Deputies protect – perp, Sheriff’s ballroom dance pal, – after Waz assault”

    “When you confront rich – perps on their home turf, expect – them to own the cops”

    “Cops are predisposed – to favor local rich perps – over visitors”

    “Defacing signs should – be protected speech when it’s – just telling the truth”


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