Community Poetry- A victim’s Question

What is it about us that makes want to kill

Does spilling our blood just fit the bill

You take our dead bodies to your homes to display

For such a thing we must with our lives pay

Would you do this to one of your own kind?

Hesitation just proved you’re

out of your mind


One thought on “Community Poetry- A victim’s Question

  1. Walter Palmer stooped so low
    Tried to shoot me with a bow
    I was left hurting 40 hours
    Till ginned down, what a coward
    I was destined to grace his wall
    To boost his ego, make him tall
    No conscience as from there I’d stare
    Amimal suffering? He does not care
    He should be dragged into the street
    Kicked to death with a thousand feet
    But before he draws his last breath
    Told “you got your for Cecils death!

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