Cecil the Lion’s Hunter Had Trial Postponed AGAIN


The hunter of Cecil the Lion, Theo Bronkhost, was due in trial earlier this week to face the charges for preventing an illegal hunt. Bronkhorst’s lawyer argued that the charges were vague and does not constitute an offence. Bronkhorst has pleaded not guilty and claimed he had obtained all the licenses and permits needed for killing an elderly lion.

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While his permit may allow him to kill an elderly lion, he should know better that Cecil is a collared animal and the collar is huge and difficult to miss. Researchers had evidence that Bronkhorst tried hiding the collar by misleading researchers to think that Cecil was still alive while giving his client Walter Palmer enough time to escape to the United States. It is difficult how reliable Bronkhorst’s claims are as earlier last week, Bronkhost was arrested for smuggling animals across the border to canned hunting farms.

The trial in Hwange, south-west of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, has been adjourned until 15 October.

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3 thoughts on “Cecil the Lion’s Hunter Had Trial Postponed AGAIN

  1. There ought to be a CANNED HUNT on these fools who set them up to massacre animals…they are hateful and evil. They give me the creeps more than any animal ever could.

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  2. I want the dentist to join his co-conspiritors and his co-poachers in court and in prison. If you go outside the USA to comit a crime – is all then forgiven? If it is – is that for all crimes (murder of a human, for instance) ? Or do they only “get a pass”: on poaching and illegally murdering animals ?
    He should not be free to return to his home and his life. Cecil will never be able to do that.


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