Haikus for Cecil – Community Poetry Project


Haikus by Neil ruddy

    Hey Wally, how does –
it feel when we’re the lions –
and you’re the zebra?

   Cops bust Garner and –
Bland for petty crimes; Palmer –
walks for felonies

Real hunters track their –
prey; poachers bait their prey and –
blind it with spotlights

Hunting teaches us –
patience; poaching teaches us –
to bribe, cheat and lie

Haikus honoring Amy Waz

Paul assaults Amy, –
cops take names; Amy assaults –
sign, cops take her in

Minnesota cops: –
assaulting signs is worse than –
assaulting women

Let me know if you’d like to see more of the Killing For Fun series.  Also you can see more on other subjects at commandrine.wordpress.com.

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