Protesters Arrested Yesterday May Face Five Years in Jail and $10000 fine


Update: The activists are released today. 

Bloomington Mn- The animal protesters arrested on monday has been identified by Minnesota local news as

41-year-old Amy Lynn Waz of Port Richley, Fla.,
44-year-old Melissa Lynn Waz of Port Richley, Fla. And
41-year-old Kimberly Ann Socha of Bloomington.

Kim Socha, Ph.D., is a community college professor, animal advocate, and social justice activist. She has published on topics such as atheism, critical animal studies, veganism, feminism, and radical pedagogy. The sisters, Amy and Melissa work as a private investigator and aviation professional respectively.

According to the reports, police arrived to the call of a witness (likely dental clinic staff) reporting Ms. Socha spray painting “Perv” and “Scum” on the sign of River Bluff Dental and arrested Ms. Socha. The complainant (Palmer?) said to the police that the Waz sisters were holding up posters board trying to hide Socha’s vandalism, which the sisters denied doing. The sisters were arrested upon the request of the complainant. A search of Socha’s vehicle has resulted in several cans of spray paint and a can of black paint.

Supporters of the protesters from Cecil Central claimed that the Was sisters just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and were falsely arrested by bogus description of Palmer’s staff to thin out the numbers of protesters outside the clinic. It would not be a surprise if the complainant’s claims were bogus as Walter Palmer does have a history of providing false claims especially a false claim in 2006 when he bribed a bunch of people to give false testimony for a bear which he illegally hunted.

As of Tuesday, we have reports that Ms. Socha has been charged with felony damage to property while no charges for felony aiding and abetting damage to property have been filed against the Waz sisters.

The Waz sisters were assaulted earlier this week by Walter Palmer’s son in law where a charge has been filed but nobody has been arrested yet.

If convicted Socha could face up $10,000 fine and or five years in prison.

Disclaimer – the team at Cecil’s Pride does not encourage illegal actions by any animal activists and instead encourages non-violent and peaceful solutions to advocate for animals. 

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10 thoughts on “Protesters Arrested Yesterday May Face Five Years in Jail and $10000 fine

    • Really?! Shaming the state and country for arresting a vandal? I wholeheartedly support this cause. I won’t even say if the woman should or should not have been arrested (evidence suggests she’s guilty though)
      But to shame a whole state, a whole country because of it? That’s worse than shaming the men and women in blue. SCREW YOU.


      • Shame on USA and Shame on Minnessota, yes!
        While a criminal, illegal and imoral trophy hunter, that paid U$50k for killing a lion in another country is free, a citizen, social justice activist, angry due the lack of justice, go arrested and can face 5 years in jail.
        Walter Palmer represent the american that think he owns the world and all other country, people and environment shall fell beneath under his feet.
        While Kim Socha represent the best american humanitarian spirit.



  1. Palmer and his family are the real criminals. Spray painting a sign vs killing innocent animals in their own environments not hurting anyone so their heads and skins can be on display. No question in my mind who should be in jail!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Good Gawd. 3 Ladies spray paint a sign and get 5 Years. Palmer KILLS a Lion, a treasured and collared one at that, and walks FREE. THAT is what is wrong in this Country. We do not punish those who really need the lesson. We punish those who try to GIVE the lesson.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I understand that it’s against the law to spray paint a sign but…..let’s arrest the real offenders. A rich dentist (Palmer) that can afford to buy people off so he goes scot-free for all his crimes. And his son in law that assaults the protesters…come on Minnesota stand behind the protesters who are only wanting justice.
    Let’s get the real offenders off the street…what’s Palmer going to next??? I applaud all the protesters for wanting justice…


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