Three Animal Lovers ARRESTED outside of Lion Killer Dentist’s Clinic


Bloomington Mn- A terrible day for animal lovers worldwide as three animal activists were arrested for protesting outside of Walter Palmer’s River Bluff Dental Clinic in Bloomington Minnesota. Police arrived at River Bluff Dental Monday Sept 28 and instead of arresting the lion killer dentist, three protesters were arrested at the peaceful protest.

The arrested include a 41 year old Bloomington woman for vandalizing the sign of Walter Palmer’s office along with 2 Florida women 44 and 41 years old for ‘aiding’ the act according to Bloomington Police Cmdr. Kim Clauson. The details are unclear as we have some rumours circulating that Palmer might have told the cops to arrest more people than they should to thin out the protesters outside his place.

River Bluff dental sign vandalise

Sign defaced by rogue protesters

Monday’s protest was not the first that took place outside of Walter Palmer’s office as around half a dozen protests has taken place outside River Bluff Dental since news about Cecil the Lion broke out with the first happening late July with over 50 protesters. Protests are still happening on a daily basis to remind the world that the dentist has to pay for his crimes.

While the local news tired to discredit the brave protesters by generalizing all protesters to be violent and radical, the fact that nothing was vandalised and nobody was hurt for the past half dozen protests is good evidence that most protesters adhere to a peaceful/no violence protest principles. Like most protests, a few bad apples and radicals who do not adhere to the peaceful principles may ruin the reputation of the majority.

Could this be a sign that the police are stepping up and are siding with lion killer Walter Palmer? Should peaceful protesters take a proactive stance to prevent radicals from tarnishing their image? Share your thoughts in the comments.

The team at Cecil’s Pride does not condone illegal actions and we believe that animal lovers should should pursue peaceful and non violent options to advocate for the animals. We are proud to support legitimate activists that ADHERE by PEACEFUL and NON VIOLENT principles to advocate for the needs of animals. Join/support one here or start your own peaceful rally.

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24 thoughts on “Three Animal Lovers ARRESTED outside of Lion Killer Dentist’s Clinic

  1. I dont see spraying a word on a sign is violent or rogue, just not thinking things through. a popular protester did get assaulted and the violent attacker was not arrested, seems like minnesota is a backwards place to be part of. Some of the locals are nuts too

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    • Were you there? I am in no way defending the asshole- I wasn’t there either. But you are basing your judgement of a whole state “backwards place to be a part of” on the claim by one person. At least get the details of the alleged attack before judging the whole state as backwards, ok?


      • you are right… Im judging it on the dentist, the dance teacher, the dude who helped a deer by scaring it away from the dock which died from exhaustion … and a few more reasons. Also more locals should be at the protests than there are, i guess most don’t care. I was saying it loosely lol


    • I don’t feel they will ever arrest and extradite that piece of shit. Him and his fat ass greasy chicken eating bastard son are getting away with assaulting peaceful protestors, And who the hell is this sexual pervert, and deviant animal murderer to tell the cops who and how many protestors to arrest? He is nothing more than a piece of garbage that needs to be picked up, thrown into a can, and taken to the landfill and dumped there to rot. Him and that bastard he calls a son.


  2. Sounds like the local news people and the local cops are supporters of the slime ball Palmer. Why would they not arrest someone who assaulted someone else? What any of those protesters did is nothing compared to what that sicko animal killer has done. HE is the criminal not any of them!

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  3. Honestly, spray painting a business sign IS wrong and I’m not surprised these “protesters” were arrested. Let’s not appear to be ignorant and stupid by not agreeing to that. As passionate and furious as any of us are, we have to use peaceful, Legal and thoughtful means, ALWAYS, to make our point and achieve positive results. IF we do not, WE will look like the “bad guys” and Cecil’s plight and our cause(s) will take a back seat, especially in the “media”. Let’s be intelligent and “turn these lemons into lemonade” by emphasizing that “we” agree that defacing Palmer’s property WAS wrong and certainly NOT condoned; BUT for people to THINK about how Cecil was “defaced” (pun NOT intended but tragically TRUE) and contrast the FACTS about how JUSTICE for Cecil has been pretty much NON EXISTENT, thus far, by both the governments of Zimbabwe AND the U.S. That sign can and will be fixed and those women will be rightfully punished for THEIR “crime”; CECIL CAN NOT EVER be “fixed” and iit appears, there is still NO visible forward movement on getting our three accused, unfeeling, money-hungry, egotistical, “above the law” murdering conmen on THEIR journey to justice! Your thoughts, leaders of Zimbabwe? YOUR thoughts, Mr. President and members of congress?? We are NOT going to go away until we get JUSTICE FOR CECIL and all of his exploited and suffering friends!…..Hear us ROAR !!

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    • 99.9% of the time, peaceful protests get you nothing but ignored. I support her painting the word perv on his sign because that is EXACTLY what the piece of shit is. A sexual deviant, and pervert. The onlt thing I would have done different is I would have spray painted it at night, and it would have be extremely more emphasized that he is a pervert. I wish this man would get mugged in a dark alley, and then lose everything he had. He’s a piece of scum, and deserves to be treated as such.


  4. I agree that the son-in-law should have been arrested but 2 wrongs do not make a right. It looks like Palmer has paid off the police this time. However, here’s the bottom line: it’s not just about Cecil. It’s about every animal that’s been tortured, exploited, hunted. It’s about extinction and it’s about change whether that be attitudes, laws or international policy. In order to do that, you need to do other things than just protest. When protesters do things that get them arrested it tarnishes the image of all animal rights activists. The world see us as less credible, as nut balls to be dealt with instead of people who are giving a voice to the voiceless. In fact, it takes away our voice! Change takes time and Walter Palmer might never be extradited but there are other innocent animals out there just waiting for trophy hunters like Palmer to take their lives. These 3 women have now taken steps to ensure that the “sympathy” falls on Palmer….where it doesn’t belong. And, they have put the peaceful protesters at risk of arrest. They didn’t have the right to do that! That’s really sad. Open your eyes and see the bigger picture, people!!

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  5. We must NEVER vandalize anyone’s property; it is illegan, and, yes, you can get arrested for it. Remember that this man could do a 360 at any time to become a crusader against trophy hunting, just like the guy who started Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting. That being said, did anyone SEE the accused spray paint the sign? If not, how do we know Palmer, himself, did not do it? If there is no evidence, how can we accept it as fact?

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  7. Not surprising that it would occur to Dr. Palmer to “thin the herd”.
    If they think the protesters are radical they probably haven’t checked out Dr. Palmer’s trophy room.


  8. So it’s a peaceful protest when a person commits a felony act of vandalism?

    I know this blog is biased, but you hurt your credibility when you post ridiculous comments in your “reporting.”

    You really think Palmer told cops to arrest addition people, and therefore they did? It doesn’t work that way. But that’s a hilarious idea!


  9. I understand the frustration and the temptation to vandalize his property. However, by doing this, it throws the ball in his court and makes the protestors look bad to the public. I have organized many protests and I always insist that they be peaceful and that we do not give the opposition any reason to arrest us. That is counterproductive to our cause.


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