BREAKING: Activists Released From Bloomington Jail Today – Only One Charged


A good day for animal lovers as the animal activists arrested Monday are released today. Tampa Bay News reported that the Florida sisters, Amy and Melizza Waz have been released from their two night say at the police station as police are not able to find any evidence against them for property damage.  This morning the Waz sisters posted on their support group, Cecil Central the following.

amy released

Kim Socha on the other hand will be facing charges of vandalism and will be standing in court in October or November. Kim Socha, Ph.D., is a community college professor, animal advocate, and social justice activist. She has published on topics such as atheism, critical animal studies, veganism, feminism, and radical pedagogy. The sisters, Amy and Melissa work as a private investigator and aviation professional respectively.

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As of now Walter Palmer still remains free despite killing Cecil the Lion and his son in law Paul Botes’ charge for assault is still being considered by the police department. The Waz sisters are likely to be continuing their protest outside of palmer’s office as their own group independent from Brenda’s peaceful protest group Cecil’s Pride is supporting.

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10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Activists Released From Bloomington Jail Today – Only One Charged

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  2. In some cases they release people and may charge them at a later date, particularly if it’s a misdemeanor. Even if they had decided they had enough evidence for a misdemeanor charge, those charges take weeks to process through the court system. So they could be charged for aiding and abetting. In this case I am doubtful they will be charged, but a release doesn’t necessarily mean charges aren’t pending.

    Personally I’m skeptical that the police gave any indication that they found no evidence that the sisters committed crimes. The cops don’t like to tell you anything more than they have to, and don’t have to tell you if you will or won’t be charged with a crime when they release you. You can ask, but they’ll likely tell you that “you’re free to go.” The cop releasing you from jail is not the investigator, he’s not going to know what the chances are of a charge being filed weeks down the road.

    Call me crazy, but I’m skeptical that the police would release a person and tell them they won’t be charged with a crime. But you should be able to have some sense of what the future holds based upon the investigation, and I’d be surprised if they have proof of aiding and abetting.


  3. Cecil’s roar will be heard around the world until we get justice and a ban on trophy hunting. We must demand an arrest for the assault by the shitty brother in law. Please call 9525634900 and demand that an arrest for assault be made! #roaringforcecil


    • It would be pointless to call the Bloomington Police Department and demand an arrest of the brother-in-law regarding an incident that occurred in Chanhassen, Minn.; the Bloomington PD has no jurisdiction over Chanhassen.


    • Umm..If Cecil hadn’t wandered off the preserve, he would still be alive. Fact is, he was old and wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyways. The hunter paid a lot of money which in turn was used to help the locals keep the preserve funded. A win for everyone.


      • Cecil was illegally baited off the preserve, in case you haven’t had a chance to catch up on your news. He was then spotlighted and shot with an arrow. What kind of a moron goes hunting Lions with a bow and arrow. The whole “look we’re helping the local economy and practicing conservation” angle is total B.S..He had to pay so much money because he was arranging an illegal hunt. He’s a POACHER. POACHERS don’t “WIN” for anybody but themselves.


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