animal pumpkins

Top 10 Animal Themed Pumpkins

Halloween is a time where pumpkin carving artists show off their artistic skills on social media. Here’s a collection of different animal themed pumpkin carvings we found on Pinterest and Instagram. We were impressed by #8 impressed us

dead hunters

Hunter Kills Self After Shooting a Fellow Hunter

For those who have been dreaming for the day hunters start killing each other, the day has come as we came across this news story of a hunter killing himself after shooting a fellow hunter. Two hunters in from the state of Vermont were found dead with gun wounds with what seems like a hunting accident followed by…

Mark and Palette

Meet The Guy Behind The Cecil Painting – Mark Balma

At Cecil’s Pride we want to recognize animal lovers for their efforts and contribution to forward the animal’s voices. This month we’re honored to introduce you to Mark Balma. Meet the man behind the Cecil painting outside Walter Palmer’s office when the first wave of animal lovers protested outside the dentist’s office. He painted the iconic…

bears and cubs

Grandfather Bear

The following poem was written by my husband, Ed Israel, who is a professional story teller.  In light of the recent massacre of bears I think this delivers a powerful message and I would like to share it with my friends on Cecil’s Pride. They called me Grandfather Bear, I lived in the Marsh land…