USA’s Participation At This Weekend’s Global March (Arizona)


USA had over half a dozen protests and marches this past weekend joining the tens of thousands of animal lovers worldwide showing their support for the world’s endangered animals.

While Kenya’s protest yielded 3000 supporters and Israel saw 15000 protesters, the protest at America’s very own Arizona protest had a few dozen supporters coming out on a rather sunny day. While they may be smaller in number, they made up with their spirit and enthusiasm. Here are some pictures of the protests. Other protests in the USA that took place this weekend included the LA protest that took place Friday, Seattle, New Oreleans, Miami, San Fran and a few other places. Cecil’s Pride will be reporting on other protests as they organizers continue to share:

pheonix 3

pheonix 2


Other protests:

cecils angels 2

Los Angeles

Israel Protest

Israel Protest


Kenya Protest



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2 thoughts on “USA’s Participation At This Weekend’s Global March (Arizona)

  1. Columbus, Ohio had marchers from age 9 mos. old in an elephant costume to someone near 80 years old! Lots of children from a local school that does animal conservation, Project Cecil: Save 1 for me, teens, young adults. Amazing group of people!


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