10 Year Old Students Protested for Endangered Animals


It’s never too early to stand up for the animals. 80 ten year old kids in grades four and five participated in a march standing up for animals. Christine Hale explains, “we marched so we can show that we care for the animals.”. These young protesters were part of an ecology club at their school that marched at the Elephants and Rhinos march that took place this weekend.

Inspired by their teachers, these kids felt a need to take action and made a statement to the world.

The teachers are proud to include endangered animals into their curriculum as it opens their eyes to the bigger issues at hand. “Kids are naturally protectors. When you talk to the child about what animals anywhere in the world are going through you see the empathy and we need to make it stronger. We need to make that feeling stronger so our children will be the ones who.”.

Please share this to inspire more teachers to include endangered animals into their education curriculum and let’s make the next generation aware of issues like extinction and climate change.

Young wildlife preservationists participated in the global march for elephants and rhinos this morning. The fifth and fourth graders weren



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8 thoughts on “10 Year Old Students Protested for Endangered Animals

  1. Could someone PLEASE tell me why “Cecil’s Pride” is reporting about elephant/rhino rally’s and other subject matter. It’s getting very confusing when “one” wants to focus on Cecil news. I thought the Cecil people were joining the elephant/rhino people (per a post from Cecil’s Warriors) this past Saturday for a march in Boston, but was last minute told the Cecil People were not being included. Where is the line being drawn among different groups so I know how I can help Cecil’s cause (not the whole jungle). We need to be able to focus on our chosen cause; Though ALL the animals need saving. I want to work for Cecil, but can’t take on the entire animal kingdom.


    • Hi Lynda, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Cecil lovers were encouraged to support their local march for Elephant and rhinos and were welcomed at most locations. We even had the honor of leading one of the marches in Amsterdam in a lion suit. Cecil’s Angels played a huge role at the LA march on friday. What the Boston march organizers did was unfortunate and we had to respect their decision to exclude Cecil lovers. Cecil’s Pride is still committed to supporting Cecil’s lovers avenging Cecil and putting a stop to trophy hunting as our community starts initiating more rallies and marches.


  2. I admire this group of children and don’t want to take anything away from them. I also wanted someone to know of a group of children that just received a commendation from World Heritage Species for the work they are doing. (Many of the kids also marched this past Sunday in Columbus, Ohio. for The Global March for Rhinos & Elephants). The group is called “Project Cecil: Save 1 for me” and they are 5th graders working for animal conservation. They are working on the Dec. 4th social media storm for the animals. Could someone please check their fb page & also World Heritage Species fb page?


  3. This is wonderful to see kids so young exhibit this kind of compassion and empathy but I’m curious, are these kids vegetarian or vegan? Do they know how animals suffer for to provide us with food? Do they know there is no humane slaughter? If not, it should be taught. Everyone, especially kids needs to know, as Big Ag wants to keep it under wraps, for obvious reasons. They should extend empathy and compassion to farm animals and sea life as well.


    • This is about a cause. I’ve been in groups that have been divided due to the vegan issue. Yes, animal slaughter is not good. Eating patterns are a personal choice at this time. I don’t feel you have to be vegan to support stopping canned hunting, trophy hunters, poaching…My daughter is a dedicated vegan. I’m working towards it ( which I know means nothing to most vegans…it’s an all or nothing thing with most I’ve met online). As I say in many comment sections, “Follow the thread”. This thread is about a group of 10 year olds who protested in the Save the Elephant & Rhino Global Marches. This is about the March Against Extinction.


      • I can relate to what you are saying but if you love animals you should love all animals and do what you can to help all animals in need. We need to extend our circle of compassion to include the billions of precious, sentient beings (including fish & sea life) who are slaughtered each year, many of whom who are likely still conscious when dismembered. Can you imagine what they feel? Due to traditions and the fact that the western world relies heavily on meat consumption, the majority of the world doesn’t even think about the suffering of farm animals. I am all about awareness and so that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m not vegan yet, been vegetarian for many years, though I am aspiring to be one day.


      • Again, follow the thread. Follow the article. Go to a vegan/vegetarian article on wildlife to make your comments. I don’t want people fighting to stop poaching, trophy hunting, canned hunts, & who want to shut down lion farms to think they have to be vegan/vegetarian or they can’t fight against extinction of these endangered animals. (These are two separate issues, though I can see why many tie them together). Animal activists have been shamed & driven away on some sites, if they don’t subscribe to certain eating patterns. Most of my friends and family are anti-industrial farming & either vegan or vegetarian. I STILL don’t want to lose the activism against extinction if someone chooses to eat meat. It IS two different issues,even though many don’t see it as such. THE ISSUE HERE CONCERNS THE EXTINCTION OF RHINOS, ELEPHANTS, AND LIONS. That is the thread here! You are bringing in other issues. (Valid issues, but they do NOT belong in this thread. Even if you are committed.)


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