Lala Land Unites for Animals

As someone who’s lived in LA for the better part of 14 years I’ll be the first to admit this town boasts an impressive variety of full-on nut jobs. We’ve got them all from the overly botox’d socialites with the downright frightening facelifts, the egomaniacal billionaires, to ADD ridden studio execs with questionable grasp of reality, BUT we all agree on one thing: Animal Rights. This past week I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of pride for this wonderfully flawed city as I observed a full 3 marches, one PETA super celeb event and finally the mayor signing bill #AB96 into law prohibiting the sale of elephant and rhino horn in the sunny state of California. The latter was perfectly executed on Sunday October 4th which was World Wildlife Day (cue the applause and roll end credits please!).

Wednesday September 30th, PETA 35th Anniversary Gala.

I awoke with a jolt at 4:30 am much to the dismay of my fat orange kitty Rupert who likes to use me as a mattress. I had an idea. I had to bring Cecil with me to this star studded event somehow and the stroke of genius had just hit. I would iron on his image along with our Cecil’s Angels logo to a purse that I could carry with me. This, I imagined, would spark conversation and inspire photographers. It did. All night it got looks and favorable compliments. I was even lucky enough to coral PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk long enough to show her and get a pic (she loved it). As I’m sure most of you know Ingrid famously stated that (Water Palmer) ‘needs to be extradited, charged and preferably hanged’ which I fully agree with by the way.

As the evening progressed with a predictable lineup of celebs (George Lopez, Angelica Huston, Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee, Joaquin Phoenix) I sat patiently waiting for my superhero to emerge: Bill Maher. Few celebs have been as outspoken about the disgusting Cecil murder for as long as he has. Just a couple of weeks ago he had Jane Goodall on his show and in true ‘discreet Maher form’ immediately announced that Walter ‘must have a very small penis’ to which the delightful Jane added ‘a very small penis indeed’. When he finally emerged to thundering applause he did not disappoint stating unequivocally that ‘shooting a lion is like shooting porn. Any asshole can do it’. God love you Bill. (To see my video of Bill’s speech go to Cecil’s Angels page on Facebook).

My goal for the night was clear. I had to get to Bill come hell or high water. Summoning all my Danish chutzpah (if there’s such a thing) I shamelessly marched myself up to the front tables (Maher world) and ironically came upon actor William H. Macy (get it? Shameless? Ok, moving on). After profusely expressing my love for his acting and the show I sheepishly inquired as to Maher’s whereabouts seeing that he’d left his seat. I was told he’d gone ‘back stage to meet Paul McCartney’ who was set to perform next. Ugh. The dreaded ‘back stage’ from which few celebs ever remerge. I had to change plans. A jovial John Salley tapped me on the shoulder as if on cue inquiring about my ‘Cecil purse’. Aha! A new ally and possible co-conspirator for extracting Maher from the depths of back stage! I tried all I could to coerce, plead and force (call it what you will, no charges were filed) but to no avail. Maher was gone. The irony here is that I have seen this man all over town for years yet the one time I desperately wanted to chat with him it was a no go. Oh well, I will get him soon:)

Friday October 2nd Global March for Elephants and Rhinos (and lions!).

My co-Angel Renee and I were ready for this march! We had made our Cecil’s Angels t-shirts complete with ironed on sparkly angel wings and painted our signs in matching colors. We were determined that lions would have a voice in this demonstration in front of the Chinese Consulate along with elephants and rhinos. Lions are facing many ills but one in particular is heinous and it’s called tiger bone wine (yes it’s a thing). The Chinese have made this horrid ‘wine’ for many years and now that the tiger has been driven almost to extinction they have moved onto the next best thing: lion bones. In South Africa where a despicable practice called ‘canned hunting’ is legal (see the film ‘Blood Lions’) the murdered, decapitated and skinned lion corpses are stripped of meat and the bones sold to China. And thus a fundamentally shameful and all round hideous cycle of yuck is completed.

As we arrived at the march we were almost immediately greeted by fans who recognized us from our FB page and who were delighted we were there. As we stood behind the speakers being filmed in 90+ degrees of scolding sunshine holding our posters high we were proud. Proud to be part of this worldwide important march for endangered animals whom so desperately need a voice before it’s too late. As we lay down on the scorching pavement for the 1 minute of silence ‘die in’ we reflected on the catastrophic fact that every 15 minutes an elephant is poached for its tusks and every 7 hours a rhino. We cannot as a species of super predators continue to allow this mass murder to occur. Thankfully thousands of citizens all over the world feel the same and protested this past weekend in 134 locations to end it. Well done Earthlings:) We can accomplish anything when we unite for a common cause.

Saturday October 3rd March against Extinction.

Hundreds marched from the La Brea tar pits to the South African embassy.

Sunday October 4th March to Stop Yulin Forever.

Lisa Vanderpump of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame teamed up with Sharon Osbourne to arrange this march against the gruesome and barbaric Yulin dog meat ‘festival’ held every May in China where thousands of dogs and cats are brutally tortured and slaughtered. Hundreds marched from McArthur park to (you guessed it) the Chinese Consulate which has now become a hotspot for all the wrong reasons. Kudos to these celebs who lend their name, fame and money to this cause!

Reporting live from Lala land. Over and out:)

Written by: Ines Romero of Cecil’s Angels.

FullSizeRender-5 copy 2

Peta founder Ingrid Newkirk who liked my Cecil purse:)

FullSizeRender-5 copy 3

Beautiful Cecil painting at silent auction.

FullSizeRender-5 copy 4

My hero Bill Maher.

FullSizeRender-5 copy 5

Host Angelica Huston.

FullSizeRender-5 copy

Cecil upstaging my husband and I on the red carpet!


Yours truly blowing kisses to all animal advocates out there!

FullSizeRender-6 copy

My much coveted Cecil purse:)


Sir Paul McCartney.


Fantastic animal advocate Pamela Anderson.


George Lopez.


Joaquin Phoenix.


Tommy Lee who yelled ‘meat is murder, Seaworld sucks and PETA rocks!’.

IMG_1783 (1)

My husband’s friend and would be co-conspirator John Salley.


Our 3rd angel Kellie joins the LA Global March for Elephants and Rhinos.


We are so proud of our home made t shirts and ready to go ROAR!


Group shot!

FullSizeRender-5 copy 2

Front and center!

FullSizeRender-5 copy 3

My fat orange kitty Rupert who did everything possible to hinder the writing of this blog:)

FullSizeRender-5 copy

Loved this lady’s poster calling on Palmer to be extradited for poaching.


Angel wings ON!


Stop Yulin Forever protest in McArthur park.


Protest organizer Lisa Vanderpump speaking in front of the Chinese Consulate.


The crowd grew and spilled onto the street in front of the Consulate.




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