Cecil’s Cubs And Their Mothers Missing For Weeks


NOTE: Cecil’s Pride News Blog will continue to update you with the latest happening of Cecil’s Family as we gather additional sources to verify ZimNews’ claim. We are contacting Drew Abramhamson and other sources to confirm, at latest BBC will confirm after they fly someone down there in 24-48 hours. 

UPDATE Oct 11- Drew Abrahamson stated that Cecil’s Cubs and their mothers were spotted last week and were looking fine. 

We have reports from the Zimbabwean news network, Chronicle ZimNews, reporting that Cecil’s cubs and their mothers are missing for the last few weeks. Since the death of Cecil the Lion by American dentist,Walter Palmer, Cecil’s family of seven cubs around 10 months old  had to survive on its own with their mothers protected by Jericho the Lion.

While there has been periodical reports from tourists and advocates, news about Cecil’s cubs and their mother all of a sudden came to a halt for the last few weeks. Multiple attempts at finding Cecil’s Cubs and its mothers included a four day search by a news crew, multiple tour guides and even safari operators offered to help look and all came back without a single sighting of the pride.

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Researchers say that the pride may not be easy to find as none of the lions have a collar and they may fear the worst. Cecil originally had 8 cubs, one of them died before Cecil’s death and another went missing in August. Together with Jericho the Lion, Cecil guarded his territory within Hwange National park. The death of Cecil the Lion has created a vaccum in that area where rival males may move into the area, chase off Jericho, mate with the lionesses and start a new pride.

Researchers hope that the females have moved on to another territory to protect the cubs from further danger. Let’s just hope that Cecil’s pride are playing hard to find and someone will stumble upon them once again. Cecil’s Pride News Blog will continue to update you with the latest happening of Cecil’s Family as we gather additional sources to verify ZimNews’ claim.

Update: Brent Stapelkamp,  the researcher with WILDCRU and photographer who provided pictures from the recent sighting of Cecil’s cub made the following announcement on twitter. 

brent stapelkamp

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19 thoughts on “Cecil’s Cubs And Their Mothers Missing For Weeks

  1. Good God!! If they die it is directly due to Walter Palmer!!! Walter Palmer will be a mass murderer and he is getting away with this?!?!?! What is wrong with this World that he is able to walk freely with so much blood on his hands?!?!?!i am ashamed to be a “human”!!!


    • A serious guess probable accurate..Zimbabwe is a corrupt government which is government that only moves the money around the government, instead what they claim to be doing, This money was supposed to funnel down to the the needy people in Africa whom are living side by side with danger and they never see a thing..It was also supposed go into the conservation to create more land for protecting endangered species..For real,it takes killing of endangered species by killing a lot of endangered species out with them. Hunters may feel one slight mistake will too could be extradited.. Remember, this is just a theory but I believe that this is true seeing his guides are in custody.. I’ve been doing a lot of researching on Trophy Hunting..gathering facts from all the experts I can find..but with this, I also read from..I have to keep this author’s name private alleges that when they dragged the caucus of an elephant to lure Cecil out of the park it was actually Jericho who reached the caucus first, They put a spot light on Jericho and and watched for Cecil for to arrive.. As Cecil showed up soon after..They just watched Jericho without even raising a gun, the kill was meant for Cecil and his rare black mane..


    • Unless the comment can be reported, As much as it may piss you off..just ignore the ignorance and it will go away…These are people have no care for the subject itself..they are forum bashes, and they just love to come into these forums an insult people and piss them off. This is what they get off. not worth the trouble..


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  3. Granted, what happened to Cecil was absolutely wrong and I don’t condone it. In the case of hunting in general, here’s my view … hunting is necessary, in most cases, to keep animal populations down of whatever is being hunted, i.e., deer. Most hunters are decent human beings and the meat from the animal they hunt gets put to good use feeding people. As for the vegans, vegetarians, or whoever out there, enjoy your veggies and let me enjoy my burger.


    • Hunting is never needed..yes we eat meant but that doesn’t mean, arm everyone for the kill.. It’s not the population of the species that need to be controlled, it’s the population of the human species that need to be controlled. Most of the territory in which we claim ours, was the theirs to begin with… Lion populations don’t need to be controlled. Lions among several other species are in trouble..being driven to the brink of extinction…We are in desperate need to repopulate them before it’s too late…There is nothing descent about these particular hunters…These are Poachers in disguise themselves as Trophy Hunters…Which I call “Troachers” in disguise..The only reason they do this is because they have a great deal of disrespect for wildlife and a hunger to kill..Yes, this needs to stop for has nothing to do with survival or cutting down populations..It’s for their own selfish needs. It’s just like being addicted to drugs..when they get a taste for it they need more…These people pay hundreds of hundred thousands of money just to get a ticket into this wild bloody playground, they make a kill and take a photo of themselves and this lifeless animal as to say ” look at me, he’s bigger than me..How proud of me I am.” Immediately after the shoot. they move on to the decapitation and skinning of that animal leaving nothing but sadness where a beautiful animal once roamed…Sick.

      As for deer hunting, I wouldn’t trust eating the meat where they are so concerned about Lyme disease.If there is any threat of Lyme disease, it’s in the meat..Ticks that carry Lyme disease attach themselves to deer and other animals as well, including us..they pose no threat to jumping off of a deer and attaching it to someone else..Ticks attach themselves for their entire life span and don’t come off until they are extremely engorged, they then die,,I wouldn’t eat deer if that is what they are concerned about. And as I have said so many times..It’s not the deer that is over populated, it just looks that way because we have taken more of their territory away from them..As far as vegans and vegetarians are concerned, all the best to you all…If i hadn’t been introduced to meat from the start, I would have been just as content without it..Good for you guys,doing great..


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