BREAKING: Queen Of Ivory Arrested in Tanzania – Elephants And Animal Lovers Rejoice


Tanzania’s National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit (NTSCIU) reported that they have arrested the “Queen of Ivory” who alone has been the biggest reason for the death of many elephant’s death in Africa.

Yang Feng Glan, 66 has been traced by members of the task force before being arrested in a sting operation. Glan tried evading from the NTSCIU by fleeing out of the country to Uganda but was arrested swiftly upon her return to Tanzania a week later.

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Hiding behind a business and government front, the Tanzania China-Africa Business Council, Glan coordinates the poaching of thousands of elephants and the smuggling of the illegal gotten ivory to China. Originally born in Beijing,Glan was one of the first Chinese nationals to graduate from the Eastern African region of Swahili in the 70s. Working as a translator between Chinese and Tanzania, she has made many deep connections with eastern Africa and has built upon herself a poaching and ivory trafficking empire.

“It’s the news that we all have been waiting for, for years”, commented Mr. Andrea Crosta, co-founder of the Elephant Action League and WildLeaks. “Finally, a high profile Chinese trafficker is in jail. Hopefully she can lead us to other major traffickers and corrupt government officials. We must put an end to the time of the untouchables if we want to save the elephant”.

“Everyone she has been dealing with will now become a target for law enforcement,” concludes Crosta.

Picture: Mrs. Yang Feng Glan (Credit: Elephant Action League)

Picture: Mrs. Yang Feng Glan (Credit: Elephant Action League)

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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Queen Of Ivory Arrested in Tanzania – Elephants And Animal Lovers Rejoice

  1. This is the news we’ve been waiting for. What a heartless, greedy and vicious creature this woman is. I’ll forward your email to Animals Asia and Born Free and also Wildlife SOS.

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    • Yesssse!! Justice at last!!! I’d like to see this hideous vile female rot in jail until the devil comes to claim her, then she can continue to rot in hell for ever!!!


  2. Reblogged this on International Wildlife Bond and commented:

    This pleasing high profile capture of the “Queen of Ivory” will hopefully be used to send a message that the illegal trade is being ‘properly’ policed and justice served for those at the top, but all the way down the chain with no leniency. Plus, to be wary how the vacuum left after the “Queen of Ivory’s” demise (and her criminal organisation) will be ‘filled’ in the illegal supply/demand ‘market.’ But, the timing of this, plus the recent US/China illegal ivory trade agreement, will hopefully hit home to those engaged in the illegal trade and those seeking the illegal produce of that trade.


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