Pottery Barn Supports Trophy Hunting With Plush Animal Head Trophies


With the death of Cecil the lion and rapid extinction of many species, the last thing we need is a generation of hunter killers who want to kill more animals for fun.

We have been hearing reports that Pottery Barn is supporting trophy hunting. We find it hard to believe at first but with further investigation, we found that they are selling plush animal heads to indoctrinate children that it is ok to kill innocent wildlife.

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Further investigation has shown that Pottery Barn is not the only company selling these severed heads for kids, we also found their European and Australia counterparts selling plush trophy animal heads. A recent dig on Pottery Barn has shown that they are a sponsor of Safari Club International, the international body of hunters who go and kill innocent animals for fun.

How you can stop

1- Go to Pottery Barn’s Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/potterybarn?fref=ts

Leo and Bella’s FB page https://www.facebook.com/Leo.and.Bella

Loubilou’s fb page https://www.facebook.com/loubiloukids

2- post the following image on their posts to let everyone know their horrible act of supporting trophy hunting.

pottery barn

3- Get others to do the same.

4- sign this petition to make your voice heard (verified):


Together we can make a difference.


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13 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Supports Trophy Hunting With Plush Animal Head Trophies

  1. I see LL Bean, another national seller of sporting equipment, is also on this list. I am thinking of starting an online petition to tell these companies to stop supporting trophy hunting.

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    • Fake fur coats is one thing. But selling stuffed animal heads that are even described as “mounted” in the description definitely promotes hunting!!! It basically is a pre-cursor to the REAL thing of REAL animal heads on someone’s wall, like Cecil’s!!!!

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    • Heather I would disagree. Children are used to seeing whole, intact stuffed animals to play with. These animals are not even toys, but “wall decor” that shows only the heads, no bodies. You can’t even play with it. And clearly, any animal minus a body is dead. Is this the message you want kids to get, that it’s OK to put a dead animal on a wall?

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  2. This is so distasteful and horrifying! What kind of message Is this sending!!!!! That it’s acceptable to hunt or to display innocent animal heads on your wall?! No!!!!!

    We need to also do something about the creatot of these horrible things!

    Her name is Jenni Kayne. Who is actually a vegetarian and yet actually created these?!?!

    Jenni Kayne Facebook:

    Jenni Kayne Website:

    Jenni Kayne Instagram:

    Jenni Kayne Twitter: (I’m sorry it says mobile, I’m on my phone. When I keep Googling for Twitter Desktop it keeps sending me to Twitter Mobile)

    An interesting article about Jenni Kayne and her 2 sisters and how they grew up with a really rich “Daddy”. (Of course!!!)


  3. I blew the lid off the Pottery Barn products in a completely accidental manner, yesterday, while searching for a “lion head” to wear for my Cecil costume for Halloween.
    I wrote the petition calling on Pottery Barn and parent company Williams-Sonoma, Inc. to stop selling these products. Please find it here:


    You can also go to the Facebook Jenni Kayne designer FB page, and comment there. There is also a YouTube video on Jenni Kayne’s collection, depicting the faux trophy heads. Please, please comment!

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  4. Ok so I’m a big supporter of this site BUT this post,… you’re are coming across as one of those crazy sensationalize sites. Firstly, I agree the stuffed heads are in poor taste and should be removed.,..but as for your statement that Pottery Barn as a company are supporting CSI – that is just plain inaccurate and possibly liable. A little research will show – one store donated to a local auction in 2012 – have you researched what the auction related to? As a professional, I would strongly recommend that in order to preserve you and your followers integrity and prevent opening yourself up to any action by them or any other company you might post that you a) research thoroughly before sending in the masses, and b) remove any potential libelous comments made by you or any of your webmasters unless you have 100% solid proof. I fear the damage has likely already been done but it might serve as a lesson learned.


  5. Umm are you lot serious?? Do you not understand what SCI actually is? They have many branches, yes some relate to hunting (which is still legal in the US). BUT they are and have been heavily involved in conversation for years! Do you even know about this? http://www.fightingforlions.org/ They actually do a lot more than you keyboard warriors who only decided wildlife mattered when it made the news do. If you want to be taken seriously…please, educate yourself! By wasting their time and resources in refuting your allegations you are acting HURTING their efforts. Get off the internet and you might learn something! This site is the fox news of the internet.


    • Dear “ihaveaneducation”: thank you for posting the link to SFI’s website, which you are a huge supporter of. I went to your link, to “educate” myself or to at least see your “proof”, even after your insulted us. And I am now even more assured in that SCI is not only promoting the slaughter of innocent lions but is also deceiving the public with every word they say or print but that any donation they accept or any money that comes in their hands is blood money from the murder. Tell me how has the drastic and shocking decrease from 200,000 to less than 20,000 on one continent the size of Africa saved Lions’ lives? How has “science” done this? Something which SCI claims it is doing, and how is hunting aka the murder of Lions’ “saving lions”?! Oh and my favorite part was the letter!!! http://www.fightingforlions.org/documents/OurStance/Letters/Executive-Order-letter.pdf. How it said there was better “food security and quality of life for all” [Africans due to] the slaughter!! Yes! A continent that has 75% of the poorest countries! Where 1 in 3 people are under nourished….but hey that’s better “food security and quality of life for all” right?!?! Awesome! You’ve won me over! Way to go SCI! You’ve solved the world starvation and poverty epidemic!!! Slaughter all the animals for the hell of it!!!! Thank you SCI, hunters and “ihaveaneducation”!!!!!


  6. It looks like Pottery Barn has (hopefully) stopped selling them. I can’t find any on the website, and the link above goes to the PB home page.


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