BREAKING: No Charges For Lion Killer Walter Palmer- Zimbabwe Gov


A surprising announcement was made from the Zimbabwe government that the Zimbabwean Ministry of Environment will not be pressing any charges against US dentist Walter James Palmer for the murder of Cecil the Lion in July 2015.

Environment Minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri stated earlier today that the dentist had hunting paper and they were in order and thus they will not be pressing charges on Cecil the Lion. Extradition will not be possible and Palmer is free to return to Zimbabwe any time but his hunting privileges will no longer be available. (There is little knowing that he will obey this court order as he can easily continue to hunt under the table or hunt vicariously through the hunting guides.) The hunter he paid $55,000 to will however be charge for failing to prevent an illegal hunt.

This makes no sense because the guide is charged with failing to prevent an ILLEGAL HUNT while the guy who conducted the ILLEGAL HUNT is off the hook. It’s like the court dropping the chargest against a bank robber but jailing the getaway driver. WTF?!?!

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As activists are showing frustrations and anger, many have pledged to not give up setting up protests at their local government institutions and may even take matter into their own hands. We are not surprised as protests outside the dentist’s office has only grown week after week with more Cecil avenger groups forming and taking turns to protest outside Palmer’s office.

cecil rally

A group of animal activists in north america from Shame Lion Killer group are working to put on the largest march for Cecil in July 2016 to avenge Cecil the lion and to call for Justice against Walter Palmer. Using campaign styles similar to US electoral candidates, they seek to plaster the nation with campaign signs and run candidates in the upcoming US election to raise awareness of trophy hunting. They are calling all animal rights groups and animal lovers to support them.

What you can do:

1- Join Cecil’s Pride

In order to keep the flame going, we must as a community continue to put pressure on Palmer and those who have power to prosecute Palmer. If you are seriously in this for the long haul, we invite you to join Cecil’s Pride where we will be sharing with you information on what you can do to make a difference. We are supporting high profile protesters like Brenda Spencer, the lone protester who was outside Palmer’s office when his office reopened and Cecil’s Angels.

Join Cecil's Pride

2- Start a protest locally

We need to keep the protests going and let the world know that Palmer must pay for his crimes. We have a guide on how to start a protest in your neighbourhood and encourage everyone to read it and start protest prides in your communities.


3- Support protests globally

Help support our movement and identify yourself with the Cecil Movement by getting an official CECIL the Lion Protest Tshirt our grassroot activists are wearing. Show wear it with pride to different events and tell the world that you will not forget about Cecil

Tshirt 3 Ad

The team at Cecil’s Pride will continue to its commitment of supporting grass roots activist groups and reporting on any forms of animal injustice. We will continue to back courageous activists like Brenda Spencer and Cecil’s Angels, we will continue to coordinate rallies across the continent until Walter Palmer receives his due justice. We invite you all to support our grassroots efforts by getting a CECIL the Lion Protest Tshirt. 

Just like anonymous we will do all we can to ensure that Cecil will get his due justice through social, activism, legal and political acts.

We will not forget – We will not forgive – We are CECIL’s PRIDE

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10 thoughts on “BREAKING: No Charges For Lion Killer Walter Palmer- Zimbabwe Gov

  1. This isn’t justice for Cecil please deport palmer to be tried in the country he murdered poor innocent Cecil in cold blood and died in agony painfully and slowly. This evil piece of shit needs removing from this evil planet!!


  2. I hope the people who live near his business keep protesting. There should be enough people to do it in shifts. Even if there is at least two there everyday it would keep the message going.


    • that’s No Surprise at all. Zimbabwe doesn’t give a dam about its Wildlife – only Money. and its leader is the biggest fraudster. So, we keep the pressure going on Walter Palmer – and all the other hunters being given Licences to Kill big game and wildlife in Zimbabwe. SHOCKING. England.


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