THERE IS HOPE- Palmer Can Still Be Jailed For Five Years Under The Lacey Act


While Palmer thinks he’s in the clear with the Zim government not charging him, he may not be aware that he CAN still be CHARGED, JUDGED and PUNISHED in the United States of America under the lesser known Lacey Act.

Thich act bars trading in wildlife that has been illegally killed, transported or sold. And could be an avenue that animal activists will be pursuing to ensure Walter Plamer gets some sense of justice he deserves for killing Cecil the lion.

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Because morale is dipping in the animal lovers community, we invite EVERYONE to grab the following picture and share this on all social media pages to let everyone know that the fight is not over yet. There is still hope. we are working with the organizers of #Cecil2016 to see if they can include the LACEY ACT as a core component of their rally.

lacey act palmer

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27 thoughts on “THERE IS HOPE- Palmer Can Still Be Jailed For Five Years Under The Lacey Act

  1. That bastard Palmer nauseates me, and the same goes for his family. They are all killers with no conscience…and I guess they don’t need one since they can be on their merry way with no consequences for their disgusting actions. There is something seriously wrong with this world.


    • I know. It SUCKS, big time. But I DO believe that Palmer is getting some pretty serious karma in the form of harassment and social hatred for his deeds. He is feeling it, no doubt. People have called and there was a MASS mailing to his business, he has been boycotted, picketed and slammed online. The image of him going back to work told the story, the bastard looked 30 lbs thinner and 30 years OLDER! Fuck him. I hope he twists and turns EVERY night and never gets any sleep.


  2. lets do this! It’s time to step up to the plate. Obviously our ass kissing, chicken shit politicians won’t stand up because only wealthy people can afford to be this openly depraved, & Lord knows they can’t afford to stand up to their $$$$ supporters. Shame on all of them


  3. Born free were talking on radio in the U.K. today about this scumbag. Everyone in the interview agreed he should be brought to justice, they all said he knew exactly what he was doing, They also said it really is time for America and the U.K. to stamp down on trophy hunters……………Jail the lot of ’em I say………….what is the matter with the human race,it’s like these evil fucks have some kind of disease.

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    • John! We CAN get trophy hunting banned if there is a MASS EFFORT. We just need to mobilize and work. I am IN this for the long haul and I won’t give up. The polls of Americans and Europeans against point to huge numbers of people against a tiny minority. Most people hate the idea of trophy hunting. We are evolving and learning as humans and just as slavery was abolished, what was once considered “ok” is not “ok” now. Let’s Do THIS!


  4. He can’t just walk away without any punishment for what he did. This is not the first time he has broken the law.
    I don’t know why the charges where dropped in Africa. My guess someone got payed off.
    Don’t let him get away with the MURDER of that beautiful lion.
    Give him justice for his life taken.


  5. ‘Seems to me that he was let off by Zim’s elite to send a message to other white and wealthy, barbaric, wildlife murdering, American sociopaths; that they are STILL welcome to come there to get their pick of their trophies and leave all their blood- soaked dollars for Zim’s money-grubbing politicians. You KNOW that very little of this blood money trickles down to their impoverished people. This ENTIRE, sickening event is ALL ABOUT EGO and $$$$ ! Didn’t a bunch of us sign a petition that HAD to go to Pres. Obama with the “numbers we got? Is anyone following up on that? …..And I heard a Cecil rally was coming up Feb. (6th?); Sorry, but “Not even worth considering” in New England and other areas, for participants AND observers! Let’s all focus on the sensible and NECESSARY one proposed for JULY. I will go WHEREVER it is and I wast it to be HUGE and a top story on the evening news!! Palmer and now Zimbabwe have me REALLY PISSED !!!! We’ve got lots of time to organize, save for a plane or train ticket and GO! PLEASE consider bringing your voice for Cecil and all the others who have none.


  6. Dear Cecil’s Pride,

    I volunteer at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenseburg, Colorado and saw that someone had recently erected this plaque in remembrance of Cecil in the Sanctuary’s “Lion House”. Thought readers might like to know that this cause is not going away.

    [image: Inline image 1]




  7. Will someone tell me if the complaint filed by betty McCollum congresswoman which was supposedly taken by wildlife fish and game come to any result


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