Lion Cub to Be Dissected at Odense Zoo, Denmark, Thursday 15 October


Petition – Care2

Vote – The Mirror Newspaper


I am sickened to report, the lion cub dissection at Odense Zoo went ahead earlier today – “Adult spectators held scarves to their noses to ward off the pungent smell as they watched.”

Lion Cub Dissection

Joanna Swabe, from a Brussels-based animal protection group, criticised Odense Zoo for killing three healthy young lions this year.

“Zoos routinely over-breed and kill lions and thousands of other animals deemed surplus to requirements,” she said, adding that zoos have “an ethical responsibility” and can use contraceptive options “to manage reproduction, prevent inbreeding [and] maintain genetically healthy populations.”


Thursday, 15 October 2015, a female lion cub will be killed (see Footnote) at the Odense Zoo (170 km/105 miles) west of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Why? Because the female lion cub would be held within its own pride at Odense Zoo and there is a risk of inbreeding in the future.

So, what alternatives does/did the Odense Zoo have? Well according to Zookeeper Michael Wallberg Soerensen “none” apart from the public dissection of the female lion cub Thursday.

Zookeeper Michael Wallberg Soerensen has said:

“We are not chopping up animals for fun. We believe in sharing knowledge”…….”they [the dissections] are “not for entertainment” but are educational.”

lion dissection

Public Lion Dissection

Danish Zoos have “performed public dissections for 20 years” apparently. Indeed only last year, Denmark’s Copenhagen Zoo caused outrage when they euthanized a healthy, 2 year old giraffe (named Marius, also “killed to prevent inbreeding“) and dissected in front of guests, including children.


Marius the Giraffe – Killed at Copenhagen Zoo for ‘Educational’ Purposes Last Year

In March 2014, the Copenhagen Zoo that prompted international outrage by putting down Marius, killed two lions and their two cubs “to make way for a new male” – – Copenhagen Zoo, 26 March 2014.

Wallberg Sorensen said 10 October 2015, that the purpose of the public lion cub dissection planned at Odense Zoo, was to give people “a closer-to-the-animals experience.” Well, no one can disagree with him there on how close and bloody that “education” will be.

I find it hard to believe the general zoo visiting public will have the stomach to be “educated” in a live environment. If that “education” is so important for the greater good of the Danish public, why not use pre-made models (sculpted, or digital) and presentation materials? Why does a live, healthy lion cub have to be sacrificed for the purpose?

Wallberg Sorensen continued “It is important not to give animals human attributes that they do not have.

I am not sure what “human attributes” Mr Sorensen thinks animals (including the chosen lion cub to be killed (see Footnote)) lack. All animals are sentient beings able to feel pain, sense fear, want to live a full life etc. But it is true, that animals do not possess the human attribute to justify killing for fun and dressing it up as “education.”

What alternatives were/are available to Mr Sorensen and the Odense Zoo for the lion cub in question, apart from killing it (see Footnote) and chopping it up in front of Odense Zoo’s ‘guests?’

Option 1. What is/was wrong with spaying the female lion cub in question instead and sparing her life (or in the case of a male, neutering)?

Option 2. There are lots of ethical captive lion sanctuaries in the world:

Four Paws’ LIONSROCK sanctuary in South Africa, The Born Free Foundation, Longleat perhaps, plus many others….?

Introducing a cub from another ‘pride’ is not without risks, but better than the lion cub just being killed for the excuse of “education” for some half interested Danish zoo guests isn’t it?

According to the New York Post, “Danish people OK with zoo’s public dissection of baby lion,” 11 October 2015.

But, then again the Danish people seem quite happy with the Kingdom of Denmark illegally assisting the blood filled carnage of the Faroe Islands’ annual dolphin and whale killing spree (called the “the Grindadráp” or “the Grind” cetaceans cull). So, what ‘value’ could one lion cub’s life have in Denmark?


I am now reading a Guardian news report that says the cub was killed 9 months ago and frozen, with the unthawed body due for dissection on Thursday. So, it is (perhaps) already too late for this cub, but the petition will send a message (maybe) that this apparently wanton action appears unacceptable (from outside of Denmark).


53 thoughts on “Lion Cub to Be Dissected at Odense Zoo, Denmark, Thursday 15 October

    • Indeed. Hope they get their Karma 10x more than Palmer. I did not read anywhere that these animals are killed because nobody wants them. So, yes, they are tagged as murderers. Will never go to or take family to another zoo, not only because of this, but, also the horrid conditions and treatment of the animals.


  1. I never come to your Zoo. What a horrible deed to be done what you did. Murdered an innocent young lion for nothing. That is monsterous, evel thing to do. You could have done better, there are sanctuaries for these lions, lazy, cruel yoy are. Your dont deserve to have a Zoo.

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    • They tried to find a sanctuary for the lion for many months. NOBODY wanted it…… Do you know how many animals are killed in European zoos each year – 5,000……


      • I did not read anywhere that they tried to find a sanctuary; however, they continued stating “They believe in educating the public”. All still very sick and inhumane and can be stopped with updated options to prevent breeding or given to sanctuaries, rather murdering these beautiful, innocent creatures. Dumb Ass excuses are not heard by millions of animal lovers and others who respect and appreciate life as a whole.


      • I would really not want to know…. its disgusting how this goes on… when the animals should be just left alone in the wild where they belong… and the poachers hung. The psychopathic rich who kill the animals thrown to the lions. Oh what a perfect world.


  2. These very UN great Danes need to clean up their bloody act (,and I am NOT swearing at them…..yet!!).
    This public dissection of a beautiful innocent creature who was only a baby, that deserved to live her life in comfort, safety and happiness, is disgraceful to say the least.
    Does this surprise us?? NO…….not in the least!!!?

    On behalf of CECIL’S PRIDE

    Liked by 2 people

    • This beautiful animal was killed many months ago. They had tried to find a new home for it but nobody wanted it….NOBODY……And it was NOT killed for entertainment purposes. It was killed because they had too many lions. I do not think it is okay to kill a healthy animal. As long as people go to zoos to see sweet baby animals there will always be a “surplus” of animals in zoos. Do you know that about 5000 animals are killed in zoos all over Europe each year? People that are visiting zoos are in fact supporting this “practise”.So stay away from zoos please!


  3. I never realised until Cecils murder how many Nasty Bastards there were out there Who are enabled to directly access animals, they ought to be shot themselves.


  4. This Soerensen is clearly a bloodthirsty murderer and so are the onlookers. His excuse, that killing and dissecting this animal in public ,is for educational purpose, is a clear sign of a rotting very sick brain. But ofcourse knowing that there is a lot of inbreeding amongst the Demark people it is not so surprising..

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  5. What is wrong with you inhumane cruel unhumans anyway? Between what your doing now plus the killing of all the pilot whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands I hope no one ever buys any of your products and pray to God that all tourism stops. I would never ever come to your foresaken country!

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  6. Pure Evil and teh cover up is education. How about educate them on what lions are alive rather then kill them. I bet people will get a lot out of it, are people really that stupid to believe that. They kill animals so they can make room for more babies because babies bring in money. Just a sick world, lets do this to humans, we can learn more from that. Just a stupid zoo that is acting like they care when they really dont.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes Nikki, i dont like that healthy animals are put down either but European zoos kill about 5,000 healthy animals each year because they are “in surplus”.


    • Marcie, I think they have already – “I am now reading a Guardian news report that says the cub was killed 9 months ago and frozen” (see Footnote at the base of the article). However, no news out there that says the public dissection went ahead at Odense Zoon as planned today………we’ll see.


    • Ineke, I think they have already – “I am now reading a Guardian news report that says the cub was killed 9 months ago and frozen” (see Footnote at the base of the article). However, no news out there that says the public dissection went ahead at Odense Zoon as planned today………we’ll see.


  7. This is horrific. Why hasn’t anyone stepped in to stop this. Is there worried about future breeding then send the cubbie to another reputable sanctuary or zoo facility. Like out of that horrible country….
    That’s just MURDER!

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  8. you can not call your self good park as you kill animals for fun.WHY not spay instead of killilng oh that would be no good as you like killing animals you are evil evil as bad as walter palmer.hop you get your KARMA back 6 times back .do you go home each night and tell your kids YA I KILLED ANOTHER LION , YOU SICK PRICK I would like to come home and say ya KILLED THE SICK PRICK.


    • How do you know that it doesnt? Most zoos kill socalled “surplus” animals – in silence. It would be better that you did not go to any zoo at all. Then there would be no excuse to keep wild animals in captivity.


  9. The zoo says they do the public dissections to educate the public. I guess that could be true. Maybe they think education and desensitization are the same thing. I saw a picture taken in the Faroe Islands of a very young boy standing in bloody shallow water along a beach with the most exuberant, excited, wide eyed, open mouthed, laughing face as he held up a dead whale fetus, still wrapped in it’s mother’s birth sack. The child looked no more than six or seven years old. He seemed well “EDUCATED.”


    • I wonder where was the mother of the kid at that very moment, what a tragic to watch a kid excited by death…….these are only sick people but I insist, DEAL WITH THAT MADNESS YOURSELVES, do not inflict it into innocents beings


    • Lanelle, Yes I have seen the sickening ‘boy with a whale fetus’ pictures too. But from the potential ‘justification’ for the “education” side of the proposed lion cub dissection, this spectacle is for ‘public’ consumption, not a group of would be vets that ‘might’ need to know the exact nature of a lion cub’s innards. If the Danish public need to know (but why?) how the insides of a lion cub looks, then build them some models and a digital interactive platform (with realistic blood and odours optional), not kill a live, healthy ‘specimen’ for the purpose – There is no real world justification for that on the grounds given (imo).


  10. I think you are a horrible person there is so many ways to prevent inbreeding you chose the worst you are scum I hope your zoo gets closed down for this no animal should be treated that way you stupid son of a bitch!!

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  11. The education gained is that there are evil, sick humans … well sub-humans conning the public of Denmark….. under the pretence of caring for animals (who don’t have a voice or means to protest)…. they should dissect humans if they believe the public would be interested in such barbaric methods ….


  12. I would like to know what the hell is going on (globally) with animals? slags grow like weed and you can see them harming / distroying animals as they please. Just sub humans behaving savagely and trying hard to make us believe they are “teaching” us something

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