Hunter Of Cecil The Lion Said His “Life Is Ruined”

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Theo Bronkhorst business destroyed

The hunter behind the killing of Cecil the Lion, Theo Bronkhorst, hired by American Dentist, Walter Palmer, has stated that since news broke out about Cecil the Lion and him identified as the hunter who aided Palmer in the hunt, his life has turned upside down as his business was shut down.

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Sitting anxiously in his car awaiting trial earlier yesterday, Bronkhost was swarmed by reporters. He repeatedly said that he had the proper document and the hunt was legal. When asked about the collar on Cecil, he said that collared lions were hunted every year and he believe that he was the fall guy and that the charges ruined his life.

“Well, it’s destroyed us, it’s destroyed the family, my business,” said an emotional Bronkhorst. “You know, we employ a lot of people, and they are on half-time now…”

While the shooting of Cecil was against the law as declared by Zimbabewean officials, illegal hunting is rarely prosecuted  but WILDCru researcher, Brent Staplekamp, believes that things may turn out differently as the world is upset about the death of Cecil. Bronkhorst’s case has been postponed once again until early next week.

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In other news, the dentist that hired him, Walter Palmer just relaunched his website after an attack from Anonymous. Read more about it HERE

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281 thoughts on “Hunter Of Cecil The Lion Said His “Life Is Ruined”

    • Its idiots like you that blame innocent people for the most idiotic stuff they don’t even understand! You dumbasses dont even know that these special hunts are set up to protect all the populations in that habitat! Lions have no natural enemy and their populations get out of control easily and wipe out other species.. Then the lions are wiped out because there is too little to support them. Their government is responsible for this bullshit. Who here is STUPID enough to think he knew this was “Cecil”? Purely ignorant groups like this shows how dumbed down our society is these days – they dont teach population control in school anymore and there certainly is zero lack of common sense – Cecil wasnt “Poached”! this guy had a permit to hunt a lion. He made a mistake and got this one. Groups like this have destroyed this guy’s life and all the families associated to this guy … so that makes you all absolute hypocrates.. Get a life you idiots!!!!


      • Yeah I realise that you are someone that either lives in Africa or originates from our Beautiful continent! You have presented a well weighted and accurate description of this event – and the MOSTLY uninformed assine responses – as reflected on these pages! If only all these “pervasive bunny huggers” would take the time to read – ONLY read – about the african “habitat destruction coupled with shrinking wildlife habitats” all brought about by “despotic and corrupt african Governments” who govern these countries – with their “so called” wildlife sanctuaries, who care for nothing else EXCEPT “enriching themselves – their families and their cronies” ad nauseum – then these first world pampered “safari want to be’s” who are always condemnatory and accusing – would realise the serious challenges faced daily, by Conservationists/Hunters/Guides! These are “average human beings” – born and schooled in Africa – who not only have to “carve out” a living day to day, month to month and year to year in perpetuity – but also without the comfort of a Government Pension/Benefits scheme etc etc and further more – abide by the crooked schemes dreamt up by the so called “law givers” who see ALL Life ( Not just animal life) – as not only expendable – but tradeable for the ubiquitous Us$ – whatever the opinion of European/caucasian mindset!!
        This was an horrendous error – albeit with tacit illegal Government approval by fawning landowner lackeys – and the result has damaged the visiting Human players in this theatre beyond their worst expectations. Give them a break and allow them the dignity of moving on with their lives! I am sure that the learned here will forever be with them!

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      • thank the heavens humans came along and realized how much help mother nature needed! its a wonder that the every eco-system hasn’t completely collapsed!

        population control is a bs reason people use to regulate wildlife. only based on what we deem convenient for our own well being. nature has done just fine for a long long long time before we ever showed up. if your logic held any weight lions, and every other top of the food chain animal, would be extinct. when in fact every ecological nightmare is a direct result of us messing up the system that has been in place (ie: invasive species)

        and you go around calling people idiots. if anything needs some population control, it’s us. you’re proof of that.

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  1. Poor Beautiful Cecil! I am in possession of a Korean War vintage pyrographic wood carving wall hanging which was carved by fire pyrographics. It is of Cecil. A beautiful Lion. The artist gave it to a heroic man,Robert Kone,who was in the Korean war,who gave it to me,before his death.. He was a good friend of my late Grandfather. We might be willing to part with it for the right compensation. It is so rare, beautiful,and so valuable.


    • Methinks you are joking Nilda. The carving CANNOT be of “the Cecil” – IF it is “of Korean war vintage”? as you claim. The Korean war took place in the early 1950’s and if that carving is of Cecil???? – that would make Cecil around 60+ years old at the time of his unfortunate death?? ‘Lions on average generally live no more than 18 years on the outside, Cecil maybe lived a little longer – no more than a few extra years owing to various protective factors! That would put his birth around the year 1995 or thereabouts! Methinks as I indicated earlier, that you are attempting to “cash in” on this opportunity by attempting to peddle your wares??? – and indeed, If that is the case?? – then you too are in the same mould as the Dentist and should be treated accordingly too!

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  2. The original breaking story behind Cecil the lion helped to inspire a part of my new novel Nothing Left But Fear. For those that haven’t yet read it, I don’t want to say too much, but put it this way it made me feel a bit better about this horrible story, yours sadly Adrian Russell


  3. … Just leave these magnificent animals alone, you sadistic spineless pathetic pieces of shit….. what comes around, goes around. The World is watching now! And Reacting!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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