This Hunter May Have Killed The World’s BIGGEST Elephant For $60,000


Gonarezhou National Park.

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Sadness sweeps over the camp of animal lovers as news broke out that a German National has travelled to zimbabwe to kill the largest elephant ever killed in Africa. This news shows that the work of animal activists is far from over and as long as people are travelling to kill animals, we must continue to fight and speak up for the animals.

The Elephant rumoured to be around 40-60 years old with tusks so long that it touches the ground, has never been seen before in Zimbabwe’s southern Gonarezhou National Park. Some had suggested that the elephant came from Kruger National Park in South Africa and the elephant was the famed Nkombo elephant who had a satellite collar until 2014 when the collar was lost. Others argued against it as Nkombo was spotted in Kruger on October 3 and it would be unlikely the elephant would be able to travel so far in a few days.

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The German national, whose name was not disclosed but his image can be seen in the picture above, paid $60,000 to go on a ‘big five hunting tour’ which consists of a 21 day hunt including elephants, leopards, lions, buffalo and rhinoceros. The elephant he has killed MAY be the world’s largest elephant as hunting forums lighted with comments stating that may be the biggest elephant killed in Africa for 30 years.

Louis Muller, Chairman of the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters & Guides Association commented on the elephant as the biggest ever seen.” There have been five or six giant tuskers shot in the last year or so, and we knew all of them, but none as big as this one.”. He said that he did advocated to have collars on the largest elephants but his recommendation was ignored in the past, he hopes that the death of this giant elephant will allow his proposal to go through.

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Anyone who can identify the killer of the world’s largest elephant should contact us and let us know his identity.

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22 thoughts on “This Hunter May Have Killed The World’s BIGGEST Elephant For $60,000

  1. Oh gee Zimbabwe, why am I not surprised after the bastards aren’t going to arrest or do anything about the butcher Palmer. And they won’t do anything about this heartless, murdering bastard either. It’s all about money to them. They don’t give a crap about the suffering about the poor suffering and starving people, including children so why would they care about animals? Animals….children…what money can they bring to an “almighty and powerful” dictator who he himself is an avid murderer of innocent wild animals. I’m sure he’s kicking himself (or someone else knowing him) that he didn’t get to kill Nkombo or Cecil first.

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  2. And if these hunters think what they’re doing is so “manly” (or “womanly” or its they’re “God given right” then get a backbone, that you claim to have then stand up and admit who you are dammit!!!!!!

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    • Dr. Rex – We care! I know that doesn’t stop the bullets (yet). This ‘story’ leaves me numb with anguish.

      I thing the human race is dividing into those that care, wanting to protect the Animal Kingdom and treat all animals we are privileged share this planet with in a humane manner. Then there are those that don’t care one bit, or are self-deluded in thinking that by paying and killing, they are also the ‘great ambassadors of conservation’ and ‘honouring’ their victim’s life. If such ‘humans’ truly cared, why not pay the $60k to protect these magnificent creatures, enjoying the majesty of their with their eyes (and not through the scopes of some weapon)?

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      • I wrote the above comment when I was still very angry….I want to edit the “thing” into “think” and the rest of my mistakes etc……But my point is, there has to be a movement and acceptance of “a better way” than the current “regime.”


  3. What a sad, sad day and what a sad way to seek ‘one’s pleasure’ in taking such a magnificent elephant’s life ……………May the big tusked elephant RIP and please forgive us – we could not protect you from our fellow human’s (subjective opinion) gun. We will find him, we do not forgive, we do not forget.

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