Elephant Hunter’s Identity WILL Be Made Public – Zimbabwe Taskforce


A Zimbabwean conservation group has pledged to put investigators into finding the hunter’s identity and revealing it to the world to ensure the hunter receives the same justice Walter Palmer has received from the world.

Earlier this week a German national shot and killed what may be the world’s largest elephant ever seen in Africa in Zimbabwe. At 40 years old, this elephant was described as a majestic animal by many locals and rangers. While the elephant was uncollared, many environmentalists said that the German national should have done the right thing and have alerted the authorities to put a collar on this rare elephant.

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The chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Tastforce, Johnny Rodrigues said: “We don’t know who this hunter is but we will find out. The authorities and the hunters’ association are trying to protect him, but … we’ve got his photograph. We will identify him and when we do we’ll leave the public to do what they did to Walter Palmer. People like that deserve it.”

While the hunter may have not broken any human laws, he has little knowing that he is being tailed and may receive the due justie for his actions  of killing the lion. has committed.

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4 thoughts on “Elephant Hunter’s Identity WILL Be Made Public – Zimbabwe Taskforce

  1. Seems that all arrivals from Germany with hunting permits could be tracked on the airline manifest passenger list of inbound travelers to airport, taxi cabs to pick up, baggage handlers, etc, locals there know who he is, Thinking of himself as a King he didn’t arrive without a certain amount of FANFARE, no King arrives covered in a dark cloak in the dark of night. Demons, want attention anyway they can get it. EVEN IF IT IS BAD. They know. offer then the reward bet you get the name in a hurry.

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  2. “While the hunter didn’t break any human laws…”

    That’s what the author of the article wrote. Okay true no “human laws” were broken in the sense he didn’t slaughter a human but what about breaking the laws of what it is “to be human”; which is to show kindness and compassion for those “weaker” than you? Or the “human law” of lending a helping hand to those in need? Oh but wait. We are talking about a hunter. A “human” who has no “compassion”. A “human” who has no soul. A coward who slaughters and butchers a defenseless earthling who does possess a soul. A coward who does not even own up to his malicious crime against every living being on this planet by hiding and not even telling the World his name. Shame on him and his fellow cowardice, soulless and criminal hunters. And shame on all of “humanity” for allowing the slaughter to continue without repercussions.


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