Rhino Killer Who Paid $350k for Rhino Hunt Sues Delta Airlines For The Trophy Ban

Dallas’ Corey Knowlton, the man who killed one of the world’s last BLACK RHINO for $350,000 in Namibia, is suing Delta Airlines for not allowing him to bring his black rhino trophy back home.

You may have recalled the ban Delta Airlines placed on trophy animals that many animal activists have worked hard for back in august 2015 with over 400,000 signatures. Now, this one man along with his hunting buddies are suing Delta to remove that ban. Their reasoning being the fact that their hunting efforts supports conservation efforts in Africa, that all of (only 3%) their money  goes toward supporting communities (corrupted officials) in developing nations. They blame that Delta’s ban will affect conservation efforts and the livelihood of these communities and may destroy the safari tourism industry in those countries.

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We need to stand alongside Delta Airlines and other airlines that are under attack. The hunters have paid staff cold calling government and corporations for the changes they want. We need to do our part and provide equal if not more encouragement for the airlines to stand their ground.

How you can support Delta Airlines:

1- Write Delta airlines a message of encouragement:


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3- Tell Dallas Safari Club to leave Delta Alone


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12 thoughts on “Rhino Killer Who Paid $350k for Rhino Hunt Sues Delta Airlines For The Trophy Ban

  1. There is a great say which John Lennon used: Don’t hate what you don’t understand.
    To explain this article in simple words, I’d give you a one example: what would happen if Delta airlines banned all women who’ve aborted unwanted pregnanicies because in the eyes of Delta airlines those women are murderers of children?
    Do we have a right to call a woman who have aborted an unwanted child a murderer, same as the killer of children? Why then LEGAL hunter should be called a murderer if the hunt is a LEGAL acceptable practice in wildlife management ? Legal hunter can hunt only selected wild animals which is a healthy way of controlling wildlife population in Africa, while poacher is a thief who kills animals illegally, discriminating against females, youngsters which has nothing to do with a legal hunt where only old or unproductive animals get selected for hunt to provide much needed funds for sustainable management of wildlife conservation.
    We live in the world of biodiversity and wildlife is a part of it. A well regulated hunting practice only benefits the survival of species while prohibitions of legal hunt do result in illegal trade which creates poaching and slaughter of animals that ultimately leads to extinction because no one in the history of prohibitions were able to stop a well organized crime in wildlife. By taking away legal regulated practice of hunting we’ll provide a monopoly for criminals who’ll drive all animals to extinction.
    Before judging someone else’s’ legal rights learn the history of such practice, which would help you to not hate what you don’t understand!
    Peace to all!
    Albina Hume, pro-rhino activist, rhino owner, rhino protector, and the author of the memoir Miss Fortune.


    • The money spent on trophy hunting usually doesn’t help local communities, That money just makes rich (usually white) men richer. If hunting helps with animal conservation, then why are big game numbers going down and not up? And please explain how the owner of Jimmy John’s killing of the last female black rhino in the Mangetti National Park in Namibia is anything but a devastating blow to the rhino population there… Hunting is sadistic, and NOT a sport. I applaud Delta for taking a stand! Also hunting trophies aren’t similar to women who have abortions, the “trophies” would be better compared to the aborted fetus, since (if that’s your view on either) both are lives ended on purpose. Nobody would argue for the rights of a woman to keep the souvenir of the fetus she killed and just wanted to take on a flight. The hunter still has a flight home… it’s the souvenir of his brutality that isn’t allowed

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    • Albina,

      You don’t have to kill rhino to ‘conserve’ them – John Hume has proposed, painlessly harvesting rhino horn. There is always a better way and ‘killing’ rhino ‘for fun’ and calling it “conservation” is clearly nonsense now and always has been.


      As for you analogy of women who exercise their right (where legal) to seek a professional abortion then I feel your comparison/ argument is weak. There are many reasons a given pregnancy might be aborted (and I am not expressing, or condoning any view on this ‘issue’). But a women who chooses to legally abort a pregnancy, is not using the same ‘decision process’ as a Trophy Hunter who makes the conscious decision to kills animals ‘for fun.’

      If an animal needs culling (due to ill health/injury), then this can be done professionally – not for the self-gratification of some paying ‘amateur enthusiast’ that has the lust to kill and call it ‘conservation.’
      Of course, most Trophy Hunters want to hunt the ‘biggest and the best’ anyway, not the old, injured or weak, or why would Safari Club International’s assessment of a ‘trophy’ be biased towards the size, stature, ‘pelt’ of the slain animal? Of course, no head shots are taken for fear of ‘ruining’ the trophy’s head, that would lose bonus SCI points – which rules out a clean, humane, professional ‘head shot’ kill. For a Trophy Hunter seeks ‘maximum points’ and even resorts to a bow and arrow (rather than a rifle) to prove ‘their skills’ which again risks an inhumane/unprofessional ‘kill.’

      So, you’ll have to come up (try thinking it through) with a much more appropriate and well thought analogy/argument to support rhino hunting/Trophy Hunters in general.

      Airlines are clearly within their rights to set restrictions on transportation of any illegal, or what shall we call it, ‘morally repugnant ‘ cargo. If the majority of Delta’s customers are in favour and there is no legal reason to comply, then Delta (or any other airlines) can develop any appropriate policy it so desires, in-conjunction with its boards’/share holders’ approval to boost its business/Public Relations/reputation.

      PS. Please try to resist sullying John Lennon’s name by association with your future ‘arguments.’


    • OK, I hear your argument. But how does killing the last black rhino in Namibia contribute to “sustainable management of wildlife?” We all know these animals are heading towards extinction, so all killing, er hunting ought to be banned, to allow these majestic creatures to breed, not to be butchered to adorn some ignorant savage’s wall?!


    • . This practice is only legal because the government says it is… It’s more money in their pockets.Poachers
      the government says it, as he sticks the money in his pockets..Don’t know where you came in but trophy hunters are poachers. What do you think the hunters are profiting? While the poachers are killing an animal on one side of the park, there’s a trophy hunter killing one on the other side. Are you kidding??? “By taking away legal regulated practice of hunting we’ll provide a monopoly for criminals who’ll drive all animals to extinction”. These animals are ready there!! Thanks to Poachers, Habitat Loss and, ya, you got it! Trophy Hunters” I don’t know how much of this you have followed but you’re on the wrong path. Managing wildlife is not what the need…Then We need to step step out and stop trying to convince people they are doing good for the animals..Cause they’re not screwing up again. It takes care of it self.. Do the math…3 decades ago there were about 350.000 lions roaming the earth, now there about 20,000. They’re doing a wonderful job, aren’t they.. This man goes over with his big bucks and kills a RARE BLACK AND THAT’S O.K. WITH YOU?? Where were you when this Rare Black Rhino needed you??


  2. I am happy that Delta has banned this. These people need to be held accountable. Corey Knowlton claims of having an intimate involvement make me sick. Sociopaths cannot have intimate relations with anyone. They only think of themselves. The are little men with guns (extended parts of penis) and money. The money that they pay goes into the hands of rich land owners and government officials. It never ever reaches the hands of the poor. They are the ones that take the fall when something goes wrong. Palmer paid off someone and cast the blame on someone else COWARDS.

    If we do not stop the hunting of this beautiful creatures. The only way our grandchildren will see them is in a book. We can tell them “Yes we use to have lions, tigers, elephants, but they were hunted down, so some big game hunter could mount them on the call and call him self a man”


  3. Just so you know, this asshole paid $350,000 to go to Africa to kill an older bull he “claims” is a problem to the younger bulls trying to breed..After watching this video, they were saying that it was getting dangerous in the bush so they headed down river to tag another one..So much for taking out the problem bull…..


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