Judge REFUSES To Drop Charges Against Cecil’s Hunter



Animal lovers rejoice today as news broke out that the hunter of Cecil the Lion’s attempt to escape judgement was rejected. A disappointed hunter walked out of the courtroom in the western town of Hwange today as he learned that his trial will continue despite his attempts to have his charges dropped.

Theo Bronkhorst claims that his charges of “failing to prevent an illegal hunt” was bogus as Palmer’s extradition charges for an illegal hunt were dropped earlier this month as Palmer’s paper were “all in order”. He claims that he has all the paper needed to hunt an elderly lion outside the park’s boundaries and will be appealing against his own charges to have them dropped.

Bronkhorst applied to have the charges against him dropped but his application was rejected by the Zimbabewean judge stating Bronkhorst’s application was “devoid of merit”. The global efforts of animal lovers are surely influencing law makers and leaders to stand their ground and refrain from corruption and ensure that those who seek to kill endangered animals receive the fair judgement they deserve. Cecil lovers must continue to get their words out there, participate in rallies and encourage heroes and protesters to continue their work.

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Theo Bronkhorst was the professional hunter American dentist, Walter Palmer, paid $55,000 to hunt and kill back in July and has sparked a global outrage against trophy hunting. His trial has been delayed time and time again due to a variety of reasons.

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13 thoughts on “Judge REFUSES To Drop Charges Against Cecil’s Hunter

  1. If this evil man gets off with this killing of Cecil I would be annoyed at the judge. This man said he had paper to prove he had the right to kill Cecil then get the one who signed the paper too . Jail the pair of them.sick evil morons.


  2. I am happy to see this news, however if he doesn’t get charged or gets off with a slap on the wrist it will be business as usual. We need to keep the HEAT on!


    • This is why Holland is such a great country. We don’t believe in death sentences. We don’t believe in killing. That would make us as guilty as the ones we charge. Punishment? YES!


  3. I am delighted that there are great judges out there – love you, bud! This slime deserves to rot in prison forever. ALL hunters deserve to have the guns turned back on them.


  4. I hope that piece of work will be made an example of. Maybe this will somewhat deter others. I really wish Walter Palmer would face justice. If the actual hunters with the money would get into trouble perhaps this situation for the “Big Five” would improve.


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