Canada’s Newest Prime Minster Wears FUR


Canada just got a new Prime Minister. After a decade of conservative (Canada’s republican) rule, the people of Canada recently elected a Liberal (Canada’s version of democratic party) government with a young and optimistic Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Some have criticized Trudeau’s victory for his looks and a name similar to other celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber. While many try to remain neutral and objective, there is only one problem… he wears fur. His whole family supports the killing of animals to provide fur coats.

trudeau fur

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9 thoughts on “Canada’s Newest Prime Minster Wears FUR

  1. Just little insight. In the new parliamentary term The new term will have more 1st nations (Indigenous) representation than any previous Government. I would imagine that the clothes they are wearing were from our Inuit or Dene peoples in the Arctic and North West Territories where they still hunt for their food and clothing in the Traditional way. These are poor people that and they have had little or no real support from the immigrants from across the world that call Canada their Home. These Furs where probably given to the family by these people as Gifts in thanks for the work Trudeau has been doing to improve !st Nation Representation and hopefully the lot in life.. For many years the indigenous peoples been ignored and felt left out and although on paper they had it the seats these were more often than not filled by Europeans.You are probably aware of the European Arctic peoples of Norway Sweden etc the Sami who live with their Reindeer herds and have been given and encouraged to participate in the election process. Here in Canada this encouragement has been less obvious and to make a knee jerk response as an uninformed person as you have here shows a lack of knowledge of the conditions many of our first nations live under. And how they earn what little monies they do. There is nothing that grows in the high Arctic except Lichen so the people live by hunting Seals Polar Bears and Whales etc If we Europeans ate their diet we would die very quickly as it contains vast amounts of Blubber ( Fat ) from the sea mammals The rest of the world is oblivious to what Global Warming is doing to these people as we continue to burn fossil fuels we destroy the habitat these folks have lived in and on for tens of thousands of years Modern society has driven these people to extremes where Suicide among the youth is extremely high There where mines in these areas but they have been closed now and there is very little activity in the high Arctic except Drilling for Oil Here the people have become like Cecil captives of a Society that has done nothing but exploit them. Lower down they hunt for Caribou for Meat and Skins and Wolves for their Skins and it looks like these clothes are made from Wolf Pelts. They also hunt for other fur bearers and as a result of the drop on sales these folks now live on handouts and all that has done is turned them from productive humans into a society liking of Government Handout, The population is sparse we have polluted vast areas with our Oil Sands working. The Capitalist system has made little or no provision for these peoples but have sort to exploit them and their lands. In the North West Territories we have now found Diamonds which has provided some employment to for the Dene which hopefully will turn out better for them than it did for the Native people of South Africa. The Inuit people are of very small stature much like Baka and Aka people of Africa who we Europeans call Pygmies I could write a book about this, Pollution of the oceans has introduced heavy metals into the diet of those in the high arctic and with that serious health problems for the peoples.Food such as we purchase in our supermarkets is only available there at extremely high cost so cheap white bread and sugary drinks are what the people can afford to purchase which is in turn bringing diseases like Diabetics.Nearly everything has to be flown in to these scattered communities at extremely high cost so there is little choice and very few good options for the people This criticism of Trudeau is one made without much knowledge Maybe it would be worth while following up. At one time Fur Trapping was undertaken by these peoples but this has now ceased and the modern world has done nothing to provide alternatives which had you any real knowledge you would have realized how costly it would be and that the rest of us would need extremes amount of money and enormous infrastructure development that we as a world population are not prepared to supply so we ignore and take pot shots form a far. Mo one wants to pay because we live in a greedy Capitalist world that counts human life here cheaply Trudeau is out to try and give these people a voice like you are trying for the animals of the wild. The folks here are not the rich Big Game Hunters Hunting animals is Parks made much like Zoos. Here the indigenous hunters Inuit Dene and the other first Nations peoples have had their livelihoods affected but no one is replacing what used to be a very modest living wit any alternative. You need to do more research before Jerking the Knee. Please feel free to come here and investigate I am sure it will open your eyes to life and living you have never witnessed. I do support stopping the exploitation of wild animals but in North America especially among all the immigrants from Europe they have treated the indigenous peoples no better and in some cases worse than we have treated wild animals something your dig at Trudeau failed miserably to realize.


  2. Time to educate this fool. Interestingly enough, here in America the Democrats are much more pro animal welfare than the Republicans. I hope he gets pressure form his constituents and actually listens to them.

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