Cecil’s MISSING Family Finally Found… You Would Not Believe What Else Happened


Previously reported missing, Cecil’s family is finally found! After a long extensive search by wildlife rangers & researchers and many hours of worries by animal lovers all around the world, Cecil’s cubs are finally found in the Ngamo region. Linkwasha guide Sam Mushandu came across Cecil’s son Xanda relaxing nearby with Cecil’s grandchildren or ‘grand cubs’!

Estimated to be 3.5-4 months old, the cubs and their mothers were feeding on a young wildebeest they surrounded and killed while fending off jackals and vultures wanting a free meal. The pride eventually retreated after enjoying their lion’s share and allow the jackals and vultures fight over the leftovers.

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wilderness safarisCecil’s legacy is alive and well! Below are some pictures


10 thoughts on “Cecil’s MISSING Family Finally Found… You Would Not Believe What Else Happened

    • Start an organisation for fund-raising and form a civil military army or militia. Or use collective force to demand the Governments to establish a law against game hunting. Remember: the power of the people are stronger then the one in power !!!


      • Yes if only people would realise this, rather than feeling disempowered and doing nothing. The Cecils of this world must be protected now and laws should be changed to reflect this


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