Anonymous May Have Taken Down Walter Palmer’s NEW Website (October 2015)



Update: Palmer got his website back up again. It was fun while it lasted. Please tell @OpFunKill on twitter to conduct another strike on Palmer. 

Walter Palmer should be getting the message that the world is not going to forget about his horrific act as his new website is currently down, possibly an attack by hackers. We do not know who may have hacked it but rumours around the internet community has indicated that Anonymous has listed him under their #opfunkill campaign. As of today (October 24 2015, his website is currently down and thus it means he’s loosing business!

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Check it out for yourself:

palmer site

When he thought that the world’s was moving on to the next fad, the internet community is just gearing up. We also have news that Cecil Lovers are planning a massive rally as Washington DC in July to remember Cecil. Check it out here

We do not forgive, we do not forget, Expect us.

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19 thoughts on “Anonymous May Have Taken Down Walter Palmer’s NEW Website (October 2015)

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  2. None of this would have happened to Palmer if a) he hadn’t poached the lion b) hadn’t lied afterwards and tried to blame his PHs and not taken responsibility, c) not bribed Zimbabwe to not charge him and d) made some reparations for his misdeeds by a large donations to wildlife PRESERVATION organizations and potentially offer free dental work to impoverished people here or in Africa.

    None of that happened. He was cocky instead. I am playing a very small violin for him.

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    • Both are one can short of a six pack. And then we have Kristen Lindsey who paid big bucks to become a vet and posts a picture of herself on FB with a cat she shot with a bow and arrow. Instant professional suicide.

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  3. I guess that is up to his patients, Kevin. I know several they interviewed made the comment: “I will be taking these pearly whites to someone else”. He does cosmetic dentistry, so he make big bucks from that. I don’t want to destroy him financially…just enough to prevent him from making hundreds of thousands of dollars and using it to kill our beautiful wild animals. Feed and house your family Walter…nothing more.


    • I want this sonofabitch destroyed, PERIOD. BROKE, LIVING ON THE STREET. Fuck this piece of shit. He deserves a bullet between his fucking eyes. Give it time, someone WILL kill this worthless piece of garbage & his evil cunt wife and daughter, who also hunt and kill endangered and protected animals. He killed a bear in Wisconsin, and then hid the evidence until it was uncovered. His bitch daughter was in Florida trying to kill bears. Wish one had torn her fucking ass apart. Fuck this piece of garbage, never forget, never let him forget. Hope the stress kills this piece of shit. PLEASE, PLEASE, shut down his website again, and stop this asshole from making any money.


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