This Guy Sold EVERYTHING He Had And Moved to Zimbabwe To Protect Endangered Animals


damien mander training

We all love animals and will drop anything within a heartbeat to help an animal in need, but are you willing to go beyond and say NO to the many things in life that bring you comfort (eg. a home, your job, money in the bank) so you can say YES to being generous and support the animals? Are you willing to sell all your worldly possession and give it away to ensure animals can survive? This guy did.

Man creates IAPF to deter paoching

Meet Damien Manders, Ex Australian sniper who spent time in Iraq as a soldier programmed to destroy and kill. After his tour in Iraq and subsequent tours as a ‘mercenary’, he went on a patrol  tour in Africa and saw a dead elephant with his face hacked off. This image affected him as he decided to sell all he had and founded the International Anti Poaching Foundation and work full time to train rangers and provide military solutions to the rangers.

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The IAPF seeks to provide training to rangers in Africa and introduce military grade technology solutions such as drones to countries where poaching is a critical problem. Complete with night vision, small and cheaper than a whole plane, drones can be easily deployed and an operator can be easily trained to conduct aerial surveillance to detect poachers and conduct arrests.

Man creates IAPF to deter paoching

While everyone can be an animal lover, many can be animal advocates, but only a few who are bold and YOLO enough can be an animal guardian/hero. We need to stand alongside these animal heroes and honor them when possible. Cecil2016 has plans to invite Damien over to DC July 2016 to speak and share stories from the african bush as animal guardian. Check out more of it here

together we are stronger

Did you know that Damien was a speaker at TEDxSydney? check out his TED talk below.

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88 thoughts on “This Guy Sold EVERYTHING He Had And Moved to Zimbabwe To Protect Endangered Animals

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  23. His is the only message worth anyone’s attention. I am filled with gratitude for Damien Mander and everyone who grasps the meaning that Suffering is Suffering and who then steps up to the plate for a different game on Planet Earth.


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