Hunter Kills Self After Shooting a Fellow Hunter


dead huntersFor those who have been dreaming for the day hunters start killing each other, the day has come as we came across this news story of a hunter killing himself after shooting a fellow hunter. Two hunters in from the state of Vermont were found dead with gun wounds with what seems like a hunting accident followed by a suicide.

Benjamin Birch, 39, Timothy Bolognani, 49, and Mark Colford were hunting deers near Readsboro, Vermont, on Saturday afternoon when Bolognani fired at what he throught was a deer that turned out to be his friend Birch. Bolognani and Colford ran to Birch to discover that he was bleeding and passed away shortly. Overwhelmed with grief, Bolognani pointed the rifle at himself and committed suicide. The remaining Hunter who lost two friends called the police shortly after.

Double tragedy: It is the second tragedy for the Bolognani family after Bolognani's teenage daughter Jessica, left, died in a snowmobile accident last year

Double tragedy: It is the second tragedy for the Bolognani family after Bolognani’s teenage daughter Jessica, left, died in a snowmobile accident last year (Sourced from Daily Mail)

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The man that was accidentally killed, Birch, was an avid hunter who often uploaded photos of his various kills including black bears to Facebook and have made pro-hunting comments such as complaining about how short deer hunting season is in Vermont.

Hunted: Birch proudly shows off another feat, a back bear, on Facebook

Birch showing off a dead bear (sourced from DailyMail)

When people go about with guns, accidents happen. It is better that society rids itself of trophy hunting and guns to ensure no unnecessary lives (human or animals) are taken. That’s why animal lovers are calling for the upcoming largest animal rally, CECIL2016. This rally plans to raise awareness and help involve people to be effective in putting an end to trophy hunting.  Check out more of it here

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49 thoughts on “Hunter Kills Self After Shooting a Fellow Hunter

  1. This is not uncommon, I’ve heard many stories similar to this. Sometimes there are love triangles where a hunter is having an affair with a married woman and lures her husband to hunt, kills him and makes it look like a hunting accident! I am not against guns but too many crazy people are allowed to have them! they should do mental health tests for anyone who wants to own a gun! the thing is in some states you can sell your gun to anyone even easier than selling your used car.

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    • Thank you BreezeCyclone! I’ve had my fun shooting inanimate targets at a shooting range and have a significant other who owns a gun. Neither of us feel any temptation to shoot at even the smallest animal. I’m against trying to ban guns outright (as some of us are law abiding citizens) but understand that regulation must be flexible and adapt to the population density of an individual’s area of residence. I also support thorough investigative mental health measures and background checks.

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      • Yes, I think the key here is mental health screening and background checks. The guy who killed the 9 people in S.C. never would have gotten his hand on any gun had their been a background check and a wait period. In all honesty I don’t understand why anyone but the police or military need semi-automatic assault rifles. If it takes that many rounds to bring down an animal or protect your family, then it seems you need target practice, not a more powerful gun.

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      • Thanks Patricia for stating this. I found the overall tenor of some of the comments here veering towards generalization regarding people who’re trained in using guns or those who own them.


  2. 2 down, but too many more to go !!!
    Let’s hope they meet up with all the spirits of all the animals they murdered for fun during their worthless lives on this earth ! Good riddance !!!!!!!

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  3. Absolutely no sympathy here!! Anyone who can kill an animal and feel nothing but success, pleasure and the thrill of the kill has some major mental issues. It will never be a fair game until the animals have guns. This definitely needs to happen a lot more!! *fistpump* Note: I am not of a violent nature, far from that, however when animals are treated with & subjected to violent behaviors by people, I can only wish the same acts upon them and what they dish out.

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  4. At the risk of sounding unsympathetic, I think this is Karma in play. One who kills defenseless animals can expect the tide to turn at some point. And the NRA wants to arm everyone with a gun? Are they flat out nuts? No, just flat out greedy. I am sorry for the families, but this points out the inherent danger of everyone in the world owning guns. I guess that includes people who are trained in gun usage.

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  5. In Judaism, hunting is ignoble and lowly, characterized by Nimrod, a hunter considered lowly, indecent, debased.. The hunting mind set is a form of supremacy in entitling by tradition, economics and egomania, behaviors that are little more than violence to non-humans, the thread of violence and predation to humans.
    What is so tragic that with all the school shootings, predators resulting in locked schools, and so many other versions of violence against humans, it is this top of the food chain entitlement that comes full circle and endangers the safety of children. There are different degrees of predatory behavior in human culture. we have predatory priests, husbands, fathers, predator drones, predator companies, predator ships, hardly a sector of society exists without something in it claiming itself as predator! If we desire safe communities, safe schools, safe children, safe elderly….. STOP teaching children to be predators! It has manifested through history, the bad, ugly, violent characteristics in humanity that is capable of the opposite.

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    • Not true. Cains gifts of produce, things he had grown by hand, were destained by god. Abels gifts of animal flesh, the kills from bis hunting proess, were respected and accepted by god.


  6. Karma – simple as that. The two hunters had it coming, justice for the animals. I don’t feel for them nor their families – they didn’t/don’t care about the animals’ they murdered families, right?

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  7. While this is not a tragedy by the standards of some rabid animal lovers, bear in mind that many people in rural areas (where I, a non-hunter, live) hunt to put food on the table during the winter. A deer or other large animal can feed a family a long time. I don’t support hunting, but when times are lean, I certainly can understand the need for it.


    • Ok, so when they get hungry they can come by and kill one of your dogs, cats or other animals? If that is not ok, then it is not ok for them to go out and kill other creatures. There is something the U.S. called public assistance. If they are too poor to eat, apply for food stamps. Maybe they can grow a garden. if they can afford bullets or the time it takes to go out and murder animals (you call it hunting), they can afford food, or at least the time it takes to put in an application for food stamps. This is a BS excuse that many fall back on for hunting. It is a complete cop out. Speciesism is the idea that one species is more important than another. Humans practice speciesism when they put their lives over the lives of other sentient beings. I am assuming you would not think it is ok for murder..uh hem, hunter that is, to kill one of your human or animal family members when they get hungry. Why do you feel it is ok to kill some other animal? All animals (including humans) have an equal right to live on this planet. That is what people do not get.

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    • Yeah, when that “poor” hunter, (who must have spent some pretty good money for all that ammo and weapons to kill wildlife), didn’t have enough gas to drive to a market? Or maybe somebody should teach the idiot how to grow a garden. This “poor rural hunter” excuse is an overused, worn-out lie, just to continue to perpetuate this Culture of Violence. And, shame on those who purport to be non-hunters, who help to perpetuate this violence.

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  8. I’d heard about this story before as everyone was celebrating it, but had never read it until just now. What a fantastic way to start Thanksgiving, to read this. Amazing that the one guy had lost his daughter so recently but still chose to go out and kill others. I keep scrolling back to the one nimrod posing with a dead bear, and god damn, do I feel thankful on this fine Thanksgiving morning knowing that little tool is wiped off the face of this earth. Thanks for posting. 🙂

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  9. I agree with everyone who says we need mental health testing before a person is allowed to buy a gun. I also agree that there should be stricter laws and restrictions on guns and gun ownership. Here is what I see as the biggest problem, Anyone can get a gun anytime! They do not have to go through the proper channels to obtain a gun. There are many other ways to do so. Theft, buying on the street from criminals, getting someone else to buy it for them to name a few. The only way we can stop someone from getting a gun and killing animals or other people is to destroy all guns. Not only is that impossible but we really don’t want that to happen. I don’t know how we will ever be able to fix this problem of gun violence. All the things I’ve mentioned along with education and vigilance will help some but it may never be eliminated. That is a very sad fact of life. I do wish there was an answer to this problem but I just don’t see us finding a solution.

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  10. Written by my fellow vegan friend Joanna…This is a perfect example of the boomerang effect. Since killing and murder is seen as an ok thing to do to animals in the animal kingdom for any rhyme or reason humans invent, this mentality is always lurking around to befall anyone, anywhere. The irony is that the hunter shoots another hunter who he thought was an animal he was looking to shoot. When he found out it was his friend he shot, he did the only thing that he found value in and that was to shoot himself. When one values attack, violence and murder, this is the energy vibration one finds themselves surrounded by. These kind of happenings are not coincidences, they are just from the universal law of what we sow, so shall we reap. Let us end all violence between human vs human and human vs animal. Let us stop this insanity of violence, attack and murder against all beings. Let us stop making this whole world an out of control killing pit…..Please watch this video of author Dr. Will Tuttle explaining his book The World Peace Diet. Boomerang Effect ,,what we do to hurt all animals comes back to us humans individually and as a whole and when we are good to the animals good things come back to us individually. ….

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    • If you cannot believe the comments here, Nek.,B, this whole concept is beyond your limited intellect. The “evil morons” are the ones who are out there slaughtering innocent, unarmed animals. Those who use destructive instruments to kill innocent beings do not deserve pity. If you cannot understand this, please just go hunting, and you will discover just what terror goes on out there. Shame on you.


    • If you cannot believe the comments here, Nek.,B, this whole discussion is beyond your limited intellect. The “evil morons” are the ones who are out there slaughtering innocent, unarmed animals. Those who use destructive instruments to kill innocent beings do not deserve pity. If you cannot understand this, please just go hunting, and you will discover just what terror goes on out there. Shame on you.

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  11. I am astounded at the comments here and joy that expressed that two men lost their lives and families lost their fathers, brothers, uncles in a tragic hunting accident. Unless you are all pure vegans, where do you think your food comes from? PETA is great at chasing these kind of stories around, but you should watch a documentary on TV called “Food Inc.” and get the real story on how 330,000,000 people a day get fed three squares. Like your store bought bread? Every wonder why it doesn’t get moldy for so long in the cupboard? Google “dough conditioner” or “hair in bread” and find out that commercial baking operations buy human hair from China and process it into a chemical. used to condition the dough. Like raspberry flavored chocolates? Raspberry flavored anything? Google “castoreum” and see where it comes from…. Beaver ANUS!…Research the acceptable limit of the number of cattle per hour that are gutted while still alive for McDonalds…you’ll really hate that! I’ll tell you that I am a hunter and proud of it. Everything I kill I eat. I feed four families with the meat that I take and butcher myself. My daughter works nights and as many extras as she can because her deadbeat ex won’t pay child support and she struggles to put food on the table. Hunters have a code…it’s called “Fair Chase”…virtually all of us abide by it. When I take an animal, I say a prayer over it, thanking it for it’s life, for feeding my family…You want to rage? Rage at the National Parks system that is going to cull 100 buffalo for doing nothing more than breeding…until you find out that the meat will go to the native tribes to feed orphaned kids in the Dakota’s… Your armchair ruminations on the righteousness of the deaths of these two men is disgusting and your emotionless fist pumps over this loss of life is frightening. Shame on you all!


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