This Guy Gives up 40% of His Income Putting Rice Piles On His Balcony, You’ll Be Inspired Why


Every morning an elderly indian man is spotted putting hundreds of rice hills on his balcony to feed over 4000 parakeets every day.

india birdman


Meet Sekar, 62 years old camera repairer with a passion for caring for animals. He spends 40% of his income buying bird feed for the thousands of parakeets visiting EVERY DAY. It costs him around 500 rupees to by these food and he doesn’t regret every bit of it. Sekar started feeding off feeding a pair of Parakeets found after a huge hurricane that struck his city of Chennai and for ten years, the parakeets grew to the thousands.


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Sekar wakes up early in the morning at 4 am to prepare the food outside his residence.


By day, thousands of Parakeets gather and feast on the meal Sekar prepared.birdman5

Sekar comments that people usually keep birds in a cage but he jokingly said he feels like the birds are keeping him in a cage as he feeds them every day. Sekar is committed to continue feeding them every day and this man deserves a big share for his love and passion for the animals.

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What would it take for you to be generous like Sekar?

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2 thoughts on “This Guy Gives up 40% of His Income Putting Rice Piles On His Balcony, You’ll Be Inspired Why

  1. That’s such a beautiful thing! How can we make it easier for him? hes an angel on earth to spend his money and his life for these birds. i pray he lives a long time to keep doing it. may God bless him ❤ does he have a contact address?


  2. Thank you both, you both are doing something wonderful. I truly hope that you can help save our great wild African wildlife. I just can’t understand why anyone would want to kill them. do poachers even stop and thank that they are wiping them all out. trophy hunter are rich worthless creeps that care about nothing. thank you again for all you are doing to help.


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