BREAKING: Representatives Put Aside Party Differences And Vote For Global Anti-Poaching Act Laying Ground Work For CECIL ACT



Great news for the animal lover community as US House of Representatives met late Monday night to vote on the Global Anti-Poaching Bill (HR 2494) presented by Representative Royce Edward. This bill passed with support from BOTH parties with 43 Republicans and 64 Democrats willing to put aside political differences and work together to ensure a sustainable future for later generations.

The Global Anti-Poaching Act aims to remove barriers to prosecuting wildlife traffickers and allows tougher penalties on anyone violating any wildlife trafficking laws including the Travel act, money laundering and anti-racketeering statues. The bill also allows funds seized by the authorities to fund anti-poaching efforts in Africa and hold countries accountable for failure to observe international anti-trafficking laws.

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Wayne Pacelle, head of the Humane Society commented “This bipartisan bill provides additional tools and resources to curb illegal killing of some of the world’s most iconic and at-risk species and trafficking in their parts. Poaching is a global crisis, and the world needs U.S. leadership on the issue.”

The passing of this bill shows that politicians are willing to put party differences aside and vote with their conscience on topics like the wildlife. The team at Cecil’s Pride hopes that the same representatives who voted for the Global Anti-Poaching Act will vote for CECIL ACT when its gets presented and voted upon.

We know that our efforts rallying outside of DC last month has definitely made a difference as politicians from both sides are seeing that the people want the government to step up on the poaching issue that is spiralling out of control. We need to continue to push on and meet with our representatives and rally outside the capitol to keep the momentum up.

Please thank Ed Royce at his Facebook for passing this bill and encourage him to do this again with CECIL ACT.

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Representatives Put Aside Party Differences And Vote For Global Anti-Poaching Act Laying Ground Work For CECIL ACT

  1. What I don’t understand is why there is a need to approve any bill on ilegal and criminal acts. They were not punishable until now?????? What it is needed is to end totally this perverted trophy hunting sport hunting or what they want to call. I am disappointed that it is still legal to hunt these wonderful animals since humans decide let’s issue a permit!!!!!!!!!! So, if Mugabe issues a permit, is fine to kill and transport the trophy. This is not what we want!!! And is URGENT!!!

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  2. I think that this announcement is misleading. The lion on the top so proud, can be easily hunted in legal terms. This is not a victory, this should have existed for long time!

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