BREAKING: Canadian Woman May Face 10 Years In Prison For Giving Water To Thirsty Animal

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While the US recently voted to ban poaching with the Global Anti-Poaching Act, things north of the border aren’t looking that great. Aside from recently electing a new Prime Minister that loves wearing fur, we have news that an animal lover may be facing 10 years in prison for giving water to thirsty animals.

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Anita Krajnc gives pigs water near a slaughterhouse in Burlington. Krajnc now faces a criminal mischief charge from the activity.

Animal Lovers offering water to thirsty pigs. (Picture from CBC News)

Anita Krajnc of Toronto will stand in court to answer charges of mischief for giving water to thirsty pigs transported inside hot metal trailer on a hot June day. Animal activists are buzzing all over twitter and facebook with the slogan “Compassion is not a crime #StandWithAnita” to raise awareness of this dubious charge that gets people in legal circles scratching their heads.

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On June 22nd, Anita was part of a group of animal activists “Toronto Pig Save” that offered water to thirsty pigs being transported to slaughter houses. one of the truck drivers got out and told them to stop pouring “unknown liquid” through the holes and she quoted a bible verse about giving water to the thirsty. The driver said “They’re not humans you dumb frigging broad”. The owner of the pork farm contacted the police and filed a mischief charge which may range from a fine to up to 10 years in prison.

Kranjc’s trial is set to take place Wednesday. Many will be curious to see what the plaintiff will say to prove what Kranjc did was mischief. Kranjc said she will not pay the fines if found guilty and charged and will continue to show compassion to pigs along with other activists on Thursday.

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12 thoughts on “BREAKING: Canadian Woman May Face 10 Years In Prison For Giving Water To Thirsty Animal

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    #StandWithAnita” …
    I can’t believe this!! I knew about that woman giving water to those animals. What I didn’t know about the time was her name …. “an animal lover may be facing 10 years in prison for giving water to thirsty animals.” …. how crazy is this?
    I was happy about the PM’s election. Didn’t know about his love for fur?
    How much I learn from blogging …. it’s incredible!!


  2. Let me understand this, people who ntorture and abuse animals get off with a slap on the wrist; a good smaratan giving water to thirsty pigs is harshly punished. What is wrong with our juducial system? There is NOTHING right about this…NOTHING!

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  3. Remember, this “Furst Family” is from the country that makes a family outing out of seal clubbing! Zim’s corrupt government and greed, in general, keep money flowing in and a constant flow of animals being murdered. Yeah, and NOT EVEN a slap on the wrist from them for Minnesota’s glowing example of sparkles, white humanity: “Fangs Palmer”; at least WE are working to “get him” via the Lacey Law (‘Haven’t heard how that’s going). …….But THIS, with Anita, is so off-the-chart ridiculous in every direction: You can write off the jack hole truck driver as one of those men who every woman longs to marry! To think the courts would even waste a Canadian penny on this is Insane! What if those were children left in a hot car in the arking lot at Walmart? “Sorry kids, ‘can’t help you here in Canada, proud land of the bleeding pups. Too afraid your ignorant parent(s) might press charges!! ” Compassion certainly ISN’T a crime!! That video is beyond heart wrenching; ‘Still drying the tears! The Canadian courts better not try to impound Anita; What crazy kind of president would that set?!!


  4. i AM DISGUSTED WITH STUPID & IGNORANT PEOPLE ………….SERIOUSLY GIVING WATER TO PIGS IS A CRIME NOW WOW so police & courts don’t have enough on the calendars so this arresting & charging people who care about animals & treating with any kindness or respect is a crime. This is appalling but what do you expect from a Government that allows baby seals to be clubbed.


  5. God bless that poor beautifull women. Giving water to poor pigs I hope she is let go how sad and crule Condemning that angel woman for sorry. And empath for those poor pigs Jesus bless that women amen


  6. I have known about the wonderful, admirable and amazing work of TPS for some time. Needless to say that Anita is a major icon and respected woman of activism on the front lines to those in the animal rights movement. We are actually in the early stages of starting a ‘Baltimore Animal Save’ which is based off her founding effort in Canada. I just have 3 things to say about the charge & ‘crime’ at hand; WTF, #StandwithAnita & Got Compassion?!


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