Hunter of Cecil the Lion to Face Trial Nov 20th After Judge Refused Potential Bribe

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News Zimbabwe has reported that the Hunter of Cecil the Lion will be facing trial November 20th. Theo Bronkhorst, the hunter hired by Walter Palmer, was charged with preventing an illegal hunt by the Zimbabwean court for the death of Cecil the Lion. Bronkhorst tired getting out of this court indictment with an “application” to have his charges dropped which a Hwange magistrate refused.

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While it was not mentioned, we have good reasons to believe this “application” may have been a bribe which is common in a country like Zimbabwe. Just like how Palmer bribed people to cover up his 2006 bear hunt, some would speculate that Bronkhorst may have stuffed some money in his envelope along with his “application”. Should it was a bribe, we need to give the judge credits for turning down a generous bribe from a criminal who’s trying to get himself off the hook. Let’s hope that Bronkhorst will receive his due judgement at the november 20th trial. Prosecutors plan to present the head of Cecil the Lion as evidence against Bronkhorst.

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Dont think we have forgotten about Palmer, our activists have reconvened outside this place this week as we continue to put pressure on Walter Palmer for killing Cecil the Lion.

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25 thoughts on “Hunter of Cecil the Lion to Face Trial Nov 20th After Judge Refused Potential Bribe

    • Theo Bronkhorst ‘s life is ruined but Cecil’s life is finished. I do hope he hasn’t died in vein and all this ugly hunting will be banned once and for all.


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  2. What a disgrace does he think he can get away with murder
    I don’t think so I hope they hang the bugger
    Thank you judge for having the decency to not take the bribe
    Please give him what he deserves
    Let’s have justice for Cecil


    • If you can get away with killing your wife by shooting her through a toilet door then I’m not holding my breath, corruption is rife in Africa that’s why people get away with killing everything….lovely voice you have Susan.

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    • Breeze- You need to get this petition into the mainstream ASAP! Can you send this to the editor and have it highlighted somehow? Have you posted this to the Cecil the Lion Facebook group? I had no idea this was even an issue until I saw your post and I’m sure many others have no idea about this situation either.

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      • yes I have been posting it everywhere and so have others.its why I have a new FB page dedicated to it. although the whitehouse one will expire we made a backup which is the second link. people dont seem to care or realize that dan ashe is one of the main problems!


  3. This really tells us how broken this guy’s moral compass is. Leads the group to kill this beautiful animal and then tries to bribe the judge to get him off. What a low life. You deserve to have a “ruined life”.

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  4. lowlife theo bronkhorst is a POS SCUMbag. he deserves to bestalked then speared,stabbed beaten and thrown into a cement cell . Humans such as theo bronkhorst are UNWANTED and should suffer for the rest of their pathetic lives

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  5. Bronco hurst is a Boer / Africaner and his skin is probably as thick as buffalo hide. He no doubt has very low regard for the feelings of English speaking South Africans and he considers AFRICA
    his by birthright and no doubt regrets that Apartheid ever ended. He doesn’t expect you to understand how he thinks and cares buggerall about how we think. So don’t expect any kind of justice for him. I’m sure he holds the judge in contempt and would like to address him as ” boy”. I think the most we can hope for is a black mamba to slither into his tent.

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    • This article is irresponsible. Nobody knows if he put an envelope with the application with a bribe. It was just speculated. It is possible no bribe was attempted.


  6. Walter Palmer is up to no good again. The Department of Natural Resources in Minnesota is checking into complaints of local hunters that he is “herding” deer and preventing them from leaving his property. This illegal practice of his was first brought to light after the killing of Cecil when locals were interviewed. He obviously is total scum and these ongoing issues with him and Bronkhorst tell the true story of what happened to Cecil.

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    • The ONLY way we are going to see justice is if someone has the balls to start tormenting him by flattening all of the tires on ALL of his vehicles and then sending a hollow point steel jacketed shell through his fucking head. Herding deer is a federal crime, and he should be treated as every other criminal in this world, with mercy, and without restraint. I am 1000% FULLY in support of ANYTHING bad happening against him and that asshat degenerate that has no respect for animals. Just kill the bastard and be done with it. Seriously hope Bronkhorst is hung by the neck until DEAD.

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