Cecil’s Angels launch clothing campaign to help lions

Cecil’s Angels clothing campaign to help ADI

There are 2 things we Angels love more than almost anything; lions and clothes (big surprise) so we decided to combine the two and thus this Represent.com campaign was born. As our loyal readers know we did an interview with ADI (Animal Defenders International) over the summer and learned all about their efforts to ban wild animals in circuses and rescue and relocate the ones who are later confiscated by authorities. Such was the story of the 33 lions they rescued who are now in their Peruvian holding facility awaiting transport to a fantastic sanctuary in south Africa (Emoya Sanctuary). The issue is that to transport 33 lions from Lima Peru to Johannesburg South Africa is no small feat requiring a hideously expensive chartered 747 cargo plane for the 16 hour trip. We SO love ADI and all they have done to help animals over the past 20 years that we designed this line for a 21 day campaign (ending November 25th!) in which all profits go towards the lion airlift.

Please help us help these lions who have suffered unimaginable cruelty including beatings, smashed teeth and amputation of claws to finally get the life they deserve under the African sun cared for by loving people in HUGE safe enclosures.

Below pictures are several links to ADI, Emoya Sanctuary, my past blog about this rescue and Cecil’s Angels website:)

Written by Ines Romero of Cecil’s Angels.

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Learn more about ADI and the work they do for animals.

Read my blog which explains how this rescue came about.

Emoya Sanctuary where the lions are going.

Learn more about Cecil’s Angels


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