Animal Lovers Looking To Put On World’s LARGEST Animal Rally July 2016


WASHINGTON DC– Since the death of Cecil the Lion, the world has been more aware of animal cruelty and have been seen taking a more active stance to protect needless animal cruelty from participating in marches ranging in tens of thousands to signing petitions in the hundreds of thousands. Spain and Israel both experienced one of the largest rallies as they both hosted 15,000 people rallies against animal cruelty.

together we are stronger

This coming July, a couple non profits and grassroot groups are coming together to put on what may be the LARGEST animal march event at Washington DC. #Cecil2016 will be taking place July 30th, at the Nation Capital’s national mall. With an expected turnout of 20,000 attendees, this event will be a joint effort amongst the many grass-root groups and non profit organizations wanting to create a giant statement to the law makers at DC to take a stand for the animal and the environment.


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20k strong

The chosen date, July 30st, is roughly the 1 year anniversary of when the world became aware of Cecil the Lion and also World Ranger Day, a day where attendees will be honoring the rangers who have been killed in the line of duty protecting animals and stopping poachers.

candle for rangers

Organizers from Cecil2016 stated that they are looking to set up a day of action and advocacy. They are working to invite well known musicians and artists who stand up for animals as well as animal heros like Kinessa Johnson, Damien Mander and Brent Stapelkamp to share about experiences from the bush. This will be an event you do not want to miss out on and the turnout of this event will determine whether there will be subsequent rallies. If you truly love Cecil, this is the event you WANT to be at. There will also be a candle light vigil at the end of the day to honor the fallen rangers and an optional group visitation with different senators, representative and other law makers during that week after the rally.

make this a realty

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8 thoughts on “Animal Lovers Looking To Put On World’s LARGEST Animal Rally July 2016

  1. I saw, I heard, I felt, I cried, it’s as raw today, I now have 2 Tshirts I will buy one next year hopefully with 2017 on it, I won’t ever forget you CECIL X


      • I absolutely agree. There are so many animals in need of protection. I do praise the gentleman who left everything to help the beloved animal where he is. I believe the Dolphins in the Japan massacre which happens yearly and the Dolphins suffer immensely from Japan’s barbarian murderous behavior should be stopped immediately and we need to devise away to make that happen. Thank you for bringing this forward as an extremely important issue.


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