Anonymous Does It Again – Walter Palmer’s Website Down After Repair



Our social media efforts is making a difference as Palmer’s website is down again by what could be another strike from the internet hacktivist group Anonymous.

Shortly after bringing his hacked website back online from a previous hack attack, Walter Palmer’s website has been brought down once more by what we could assume as a strike from Anonymous.

Walter Palmer may have thought the world is moving on but he is proven wrong again with his website being down for the month of November. We cannot confirm if this is the work of anonymous but we know that Palmer is the world’s most hated dentist and the world has a lot of hackers who could take down his site any time. We do know that Anonymous has a bone to pick with Palmer as Palmer was listed in their #opfunkill and #opsafarikill campaigns.

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Check it out for yourself:

palmer site down

When he thought that the world’s was moving on to the next fad, the internet community is just gearing up. We also have news that Cecil Lovers are planning a massive rally as Washington DC in July to remember Cecil. Check it out here

We do not forgive, we do not forget, Expect us.

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8 thoughts on “Anonymous Does It Again – Walter Palmer’s Website Down After Repair

  1. How about PETA, the largest group of animal murderers masquerading as animal activists? They steal money from people who think they are supporting a good group, then in turn attempt to start a slaughter of the feral cats of New York. Peta is one of the biggest scams out there.

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