Poacher Gunned Down Shortly After Attacking Rhino



poacher killed

After an intense gunfight, park rangers found the body of a poacher who was about the take the horn from an endangered Rhino in Kaziranga. The poacher was mortally wounded and died on his way to the hospital. Park rangers are currently tracking down the rest of the gang that accompanied the slain poacher, it is speculated that the gang entered and escape from the neighbouring Karbi Anglong district.

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There are only 2000 rhinos left in the Kaziranga park and rangers work day and night protecting rhinos from poachers who try to kill them for their horns. As of today, 19 poachers were killed and 62 arrested by Kaziranga authoritie this year.

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8 thoughts on “Poacher Gunned Down Shortly After Attacking Rhino

  1. I suspect every other method available has been used in the past against the poachers, unfortunately this now appears to be the only way of saying ENOUGH!


  2. It is a shoot or be shot world there protecting the planet’s precious wildlife ! More rangers have been murdered by poachers in the name of ‘business’ than poachers killed. And thousands upon thousands of animals murdered …. I have no problem with the methods of protecting these animals or the rangers – in the same position, I would do the same thing without hesitation, thought or guilt !


  3. I’m very happy about this asshole that you drop dead . And that’s what I wish to all the fucking hunters . Karma will get all of them no mercy two then no sorry to them .this man he Saul will be Baron thousand times and held


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