UK May Beat US To Implementing CECIL Act


cecil act UK

There has been talks at the UK parliament on the UK’s version of Cecil ACT which bans the import of lion trophy hunting imports.

Should this bill becomes law, the UK will be sending a firm message out to African governments and Trophy Hunters that Trophy hunting is no longer acceptable. Tory MP Rory Stewart has spoken to press that they are planning to target african countries who are failing ot protect their big cats.

He said: “The government will ban the importation of trophies into Britain, unless we see very significant improvements in the performance of what’s happening in Africa.”

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He added: “We will be looking very closely at key indicators and those indicators include: age of lions, the latest scientific research is pushing that it should be over six. In the interim measure we will be looking very closely at quotas, we will also be looking closely at international verification.”

Countries like Zambia and Mozambique will be hit the hardest should the bill passes and becomes law as they make up the bulk of lion exports.

With less than 15k lions today, developed countries must hustle fast to ensure that there are still lions in existence by the end of the decade.


UK non profit, LionAid has expressed its praise to the minister for proposing such an act to preserve the rapidly diminishing lion species. Let’s hope the UK parliament can come to agreement soon.

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9 thoughts on “UK May Beat US To Implementing CECIL Act

  1. these politicians should be hunted if they are over 40, let’s say …. very primitive declaration!! we don’t want lions to be hunted, we don’t want any trophy hunting, stop this sick, perverted activity!!!!


  2. I am pleased to see the UK Government debating Trophy Hunting issues and beginning to take a stance. However, there needs to be a total ban across all species at risk and not some arbitrary age limit applied for a given species (as suggested in the articles I have read for “lions over six years old” to be exempted from any ban – how will such a limit, open to corrupt forces be adequately policed?). Hopefully, continued campaigning will ensure the UK Government takes a strong, all encompassing stance on domestic policy, but also backs this up by proposing strong CITES resolutions (ie. ‘uplist’ the African lion etc.) at EU level.


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