Life Is Hell For Cecil’s Hunter As He Remains In Legal Limbo


legal limbo

It sure sucks to be the hunter of Cecil the Lion as he remains in legal limbo. Having to report to the authorities every two weeks and be interrogated about his activities, his business closed down and cops keeping an eye on his every move. Life must be hell for this professional hunter who no longer is allowed to hunt.

Theo Bronkhorst, the hunter hired by Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer, just had another of his (bribe) ‘application’ put on hold as the judge refuses to drop his case. He recently appealed the righteous judge’s decision at the next level court. How low can he go? Should the upper judge revoke the righteous judge’s decision, Bronkhorst may be let off the hook. Bronkhort must not get away. He tried wiggling his way free a few times and was caught killing and smuggling more animals after going on bail. It is good to see that there are still some judges that are just but we need to make sure that his supervisors are just as well.

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Bronkhorst’s trial date has been postponed until January as the upper judges review the righteous judge’s ruling. Let’s hope they’ll rule in our favour and keep him from causing more animals harm.

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14 thoughts on “Life Is Hell For Cecil’s Hunter As He Remains In Legal Limbo

  1. Guilty. Evidence clearly indicates he targeted Cecil for killing. Lured him out of the park and then helped Walter Palmer wound him severely with a crossbow. Sickening, primitive, cruel humans


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  3. He is as guilty as sin, but how can we, in another country, ensure that justice prevails when we didn’t even succeed in prosecuting Palmer? It’s disheartening. Fucker ought to be rotting in jail for life!


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