Hundreds came out to March for Cecil in London


Nov 28 was the day where over 550 pledged to come out to march for Cecil from Bomber Command Memorial to Trafalgar Square in London UK. Hundreds of people came out with union jack flags and pictures of Cecil.

the event featured speakers including:

  • Andrew Venter, Blood Lions/Wildlands
  • Dominic Dyer, Born Free
  • Linda Tucker, Global White Lion Protection Trust
  • Stephen Travis, Protecting African Lions
  • Paul Tully, Organiser/Campaigner, Walking For Lions

Here are some of the pictures on the ground (thank you Marilyn Blake for sharing!):

Cecil Cape


Word from our sponsors

heart beat for lions


Awesome Cecil umbrella!


Word from our Sponsors

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12 thoughts on “Hundreds came out to March for Cecil in London

  1. Well done to everyone involved in the London march, plus ‘Blood Lions’ and it’s compelling message also screened in London this weekend. It was uplifting to be on this good-spirited London march in honour of Cecil and all lions (and many other species) at risk of being ‘conserved’ into extinction by those supporting the ‘sporting activities’ of the self-deluded ‘Canned’ and ‘Trophy Hunting’ fraternity………The momentum and message is with ‘us’ – we must maintain the global campaign and message at the forefront to gain the lasting changes we all want to see to protect exploited animals. Keep up the great work!


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  3. I am so glad to see all this support and effort. That’s the way the world can change!! I wish I could be there, unfortunately I am in an other country, so I couldn’t go, but in heart and soul I was with all of you being present in the march. R.I.P Cecil and all lions abused and murdered by ignorant and perverted people. I hope one day the world will be different!! Just make me sad to think about all the lions and other wild life that meanwhile will be destroyed.


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