Obama Pledges To Bring Military Dogs Back To US Soil Upon Retirement


Great news for all dog lovers! With the passing of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, all dogs that are brought abroad on active wars are guaranteed a ticket back home onto US soil for retirement with their handlers given first dibs to adopt the canine heroes. This is a great victory for all dog lovers as most dogs are brought abroad against their will and put into harms way to sniff out bombs and charge against enemy fire to serve as a distraction as the human soldiers stand afar in safety.

In the past, US military dogs were often left overseas for retirement (after they have risked their lives for the country) and handlers wanting to bring them back to America for retirement had a lot of difficulty jumping through hoops (it’s not easy bringing an animal from overseas). Often times they’re left behind at an impoverished or war torn village where they may starve to death or become street dogs. This is definitely not how our heroes deserve to be treated.

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The inclusion of military dogs on this act was mostly fought and won by advocates in DC including Congressman Frank LoBiondo and Senator Claire McCaskill.

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