BREAKING: Lions Join US Endangered Species Act – Canned Lions Not Included


A small victory for Animal lovers as Obama administration decides to put lions on the endangered list with the Endangered Species Act signed Monday December 21 2015.

This act bans the import of trophies of endangered animals including lion parts from WEST and CENTRAL Africa ONLY. Hunters are still allowed to import trophies from SOUTHERN and EASTERN Africa as stricter rules and guidelines will be in place to limit their activities. For those who are concerned about canned hunting… they’re still allowed in Southern African countries and their trophies are still allowed to be imported into the US.


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The director of the wildlife service, Daniel M. Ashe, described the lion as “one of the planet’s most beloved species.”. The agency reached this decision due to the drastic decline of lion population in the world and the rise of public awareness and lobbying. Grassroot movements like the Cecil2016 community welcome the act as it also bans hunters with a criminal record from participating in hunts.

The fight is far from over as this act overlooks many countries where trophy hunting is still legal. Don’t believe me? Let’s dissect this act a bit more…

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In their act, they labelled lions from countries in the West and Central Africa as endangered while lions from Countries from Southern and Eastern Africa as ‘threatened’. So overall hunters are still allowed to kill lions as long as the lions are from countries with ‘threatened status’ which includes South Africa, the country where canned lions is still prevalent.

As part of the animal lover community, we must continue to roar on into the 2016 and stand up for animals. Write in the comments below what you think of this act and how the animal lover community should act to ensure all lions are protected.

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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Lions Join US Endangered Species Act – Canned Lions Not Included

  1. I’d like to know whats great about it? Its not great at all. The lions have nop protection its a false sense of victory. The will still be hunted and killed and its not even all lions on the list. I’
    m extremely upset about it.

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  2. The NY Times article cited above noted another part of the latest federal rule, prohibiting anyone with a record of hunting rule violations from importing hunting trophies. If enforced, this would apply to poachers like Palmer.


  3. On the brighter side; many nations are strengthening laws against importing and exporting animal trophies, which should help to reduce the trends to just the idiot humans who want to kill for fun. These are not proud hunters, they are sick people who should be marked and watched carefully. Let me be clear, killing animals for trophies or fun is really a mark of insanity. These people are dangerous.

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  4. The USFWS action to ‘manage’ trophy imports (for the ‘Threatened’ Panthera leo melanchaita subspecies) can only go so far.

    It will not stop potentially excessive lion hunting quotas being set in country and the ‘opportunity’ acted upon by non-ethical hunters (and trophies imported via other routes/means and the corruption that entails).

    The USFWS just has the ‘deterrent’ of trophy import restrictions from countries that do not have a sustainable hunting practices in the USFWS’ opinion (though the USFWS’ criteria are long and may take time to decide/enact, when there are already clearly countries outside such rules, namely Zambia and Tanzania).

    In terms of ‘canned’ hunting, the USFWS stance is inconclusive……..but doing nothing is tacit acceptance and should be seen as such. ‘Canned’ hunting promotes truly unethical hunting and directly fuels a nonsensical lion bone trade/demand. Both of these activities threaten wild lion and other big cat populations to poaching and more trophy hunters that have developed a ‘taste’ via the cheaper ‘canned’ hunting route.

    Overall, there is some good news in the USFWS announcement, but much more could be done.

    The answer to all of this, is independent science that proves the plight of the African lion beyond doubt in every range country (not just outdated, sub-population numbers and guesstimates ‘helpfully’ set by hunt operators). Plus how much lion habitat ‘conserved’ by hunting actually contributes to conserving the lion species itself (or just halts the rate of decline a little whilst the hunter still gets to kill)? How can that latter element be replaced by lion habitat conservation that does not involve the hunter (and the hunter’s need to keep killing and declining the species to ‘pay’ for the land/habitat use)?

    However, progress is progress – but in my opinion, the need for more urgent and decisive global action is imperative if the African lion species’ decline is to be stabilised, let alone recovered.


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