Important Update on Cecil’s Cubs and Pride- December

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Great news, NoBhuhle the Lioness, one of Cecil’s lionesses has been collared and now being monitored 24/7.

We’ve been keeping our eyes and ears on the internet for the latest news on Cecil’s Cubs and pride and are pleased to share an update from Brent Stapelkamp, the researcher following Cecil for the last 9 years that Cecil’s Family is alive and well under Jericho’s protection. Cecil’s remaining 6 cubs are growing up and the research team just placed a collar on one of Cecil’s Lioness to ensure the pride is monitored 24/7 shown in the following facebook update by Brent Stapelkamp. The name of the lioness tagged is NoBhuhle (which means Beautiful in Zim)

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While we would like to see the cubs and grandcubs collared too to ensure 100% protection but it wouldn’t be practical as they’re constantly growing and would need new collars every few months. Until they’ve reached a mature age, only the mothers are likely to have the collars.

Cecil’s Pride news blog will continue to be your #1 source of updates and news stories on Cecil’s family and all things anti-trophy hunting.

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2 thoughts on “Important Update on Cecil’s Cubs and Pride- December

  1. That’s wonderful news that the pride is well and JERICHO IS DOING A GREAT JOB , after taking over the pride after CECIL WAS MURDERED BY WALTER PALMER and THEO BRONKHORST ( by the way… What happened to BRONKHORST ‘s November trial??)… ALSO, I was very disappointed to READ IN AN ARTICLE THAT BRENT SUPPORTS TROPHY HUNTING… SHAME ON BRENT..


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