Dog Meat Seller Brutally Beaten By Chinese Villagers


The act of consuming dog meat is horrific in western culture but is very prevalent in Asian culture. This recent news article may get readers glad as we see that this barbaric practice is starting to be rejected in some parts of Asia.

In the Southern china province of Guangxi, two dog thieves (potentially dog meat sellers) were caught and had quite a beating from an angry village after they were caught). These dognappers were beaten, tired up and left to the side of the road by angry residents for their horrific crimes of stealing dogs and selling them at dog meat markets.

Justice or pure violence? Two suspected dognapper were savagely beaten by villagers in Gongcheng, Guangxi

Daily mail shared these pictures of dognappers tied up and stripped.

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This dognapper had salt sprinkled on his wounds.

One of the thieves died by the beating. Nine residents were called by the police for interrogation. And police have set up a special team to investigate the case.

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6 thoughts on “Dog Meat Seller Brutally Beaten By Chinese Villagers

  1. As I am an avid dog lover, these 2 men got what they deserved. Because the police and the justice system does not punish animal abusers enough with prison time, I am happy that the villagers dealt with these guys and I pray they and others join in the fight to put a stop to the dog meat trade and the abuse of innocent dogs. They are family pets.


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