Cecil The Lion Spotted On Minnesota Buses


A familiar face and name recently started appearing around bloomington buses lately.

Grassroot group Abolish Trophy and Canned Hunting International fundraised over a few thousand dollars to purchase bus ads on a few bloomington buses reminding the world that Cecil has not been forgotten and he will roar boldly into the new year.

cecil bus 2

Word from our Sponsors

phone case

ATCH Internatinoal arent the only grassroot groups looking to make a difference and stand up for animals at risk. As of now, we are aware that there’s also Cecil2016 that is looking to put on a massive rally of 20,000 July 30th 2016 at Washington DC and we also have Cecil’s angels putting on protests and hosting fundraisers for different lion projects. The animal lover movement is growing and making waves.

cecil buscecil bus 3

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8 thoughts on “Cecil The Lion Spotted On Minnesota Buses

  1. Why hasn’t anyone here answered my question – why was THEO BRONKHURST TRIAL DELAYED IN NOVEMBER??? Is the trial still going to take place ?


  2. the senseless slaughter of animals needs to stop The USA is just as guilty. Idaho wyoming oregon…slaughtering animals for fun Their trapping and hunting methods are disguises for violence .US Slaughterhouses,big ag farms,animal sheds are full of violence against animals Where is the human compassion &intelligence? puppy mills ,the horse racing and horse show industry, rodeos,circus,roadside cages of animals kept in horrid conditions, seaworld tormenting marine life in bathtubs…..when will enough people care? our congress is absent on these matters again,,,

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